'Summer Breaks at The Swan at Lavenham, Suffolk'

Summer breaks are great way to recharge the batteries and get away for a few days. Whether mid-week or week-end, a few days away from your normal routine can often feel like a week away.

Popular throughout the UK, visitors are choosing to have multiple mini breaks throughout the year, no long haul flights and queues at the airport or the threat of flight cancellations and, of course, big cost savings.

There is a great choice for those looking for mini breaks but the key decider has to be an easy to get to location, why spend hours driving to your mini break destination?

A popular destination for many visitors throughout the year is Suffolk. Summer breaks in Suffolk can either include a stay in the beautiful heritage coast or, for those that crave rolling fields, quaint villages and stunning countryside, a stay in Lavenham at the heart of Suffolk. One such place that ticks all the boxes for a break in Suffolk is Lavenham, a historic wool town that has changed little over the years.

Taking it's place at the heart of the village is The Swan Hotel, a perfect location for a mini break in Suffolk.

For those who delight in delicious dining, the Swan's new menus are packed with delicious local and seasonal flavours with a focus on fresh and locally sourced products.

A Summer break in Lavenham, Suffolk wouldn’t be complete without searching for Antiques, shopping in Boutiques and taking in the half timbered houses the line the streets. Then returning to The Swan Hotel for drinks and a delicious dinner, just perfect for your mini break in Suffolk.