Spa Testimonials

“Chloe was fantastic! Highly recommend her. All staff lovely & friendly, love the added gifts such as tea and smoothies. A truly fantastic spa. Will recommend. Thank you”
– Sophie Perrio, My Kinda Skin

“Very professional, friendly therapist, respecting dignity and customer’s wishes”
– Lindsay Maclusky, Drift Away and Sedating Scalp Massage

“Hannah was absolutely fantastic! Best ever! Thank you”
– Tracy Perrio, My Kind of Skin

“1st time, live local, AMAZING. I will be coming back!!”
– Amanda Colley, Drift Away Massage

“Katie was an excellent therapist – she seemed very intuitive, she seemed to be highly competent and I would highly recommend her”
– Kym Macdonald, Work it Out

“Helen was fantastic, I loved every moment of treatment. She was knowledgeable and tailored it perfectly for me”
– Stephanie, Drift Away

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Our team is a little family, dedicated to your relaxation, pampering and well-being. In this video, discover the passion, dedication and expertise of the Weavers’ therapists, and why they love coming to work each day.