• Bath with shower
  • TV
  • Free WiFi
  • Hospitality tray

Please note Rooms may vary in their individual characteristics

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Tailor your stay with our room only prices

Allowing you to book your trip now, but plan the finer details of your getaway later.

If you've decided that a getaway is definitely needed, but you don't want to decide on the finer details, such as where you will be dining just yet, our room only rate is perfect for you. Relax knowing that the guarantee of time away is firmly in the calendar, without having to stretch that little bit extra on booking to pay for your breakfast or dinner.

There's lots to love about Lavenham...

but our best kept secret is our room only prices

The Swan at Lavenham bathroom
The Swan at Lavenham bed and side table close up
The Swan at Lavenham, Lavenham room on room only rate

We have a range of room types for you to choose from, making a trip to Lavenham an experience which you can enjoy in a way that suits you.