Airmen's Bar

The Airmen's bar is open from midday until 11pm to visitors.

Hotel residents are welcome to enjoy the Airmen's Bar 24 hours a day.


Enjoy our extensive range of fine wines, Champagnes, beers, ales, whiskeys, gins and more on your next visit to the Airmen's Bar at The Swan at Lavenham.


Dog Friendly Bar

We welcome dogs in the Airmen's Bar all year round, if you're staying with us and wish to bring your dog to dinner, you can choose to sit in the Airmen's Bar or the lounge.


Stepping inside our snug Airmen's Bar is like taking a trip back to the 1940's - a time where the world was at war and life was lived for each moment. Our bar takes its name from the many servicemen from RAF Lavenham and beyond who would come to relax, drink and socialise. An inspiring collection of signatures and mementos adorn the walls, turning our Airmen's Bar into a living piece of history. Pull up a stool at our long bar and enjoy a drink surrounded by inspiring history.




Take time to read the Boot Record, inscribed on the wall by members of various UK regiments, some of which no longer exist or have been amalgamated with others. As one of the few sources of entertainment, the challenge was to drink three and a half pints of ale from a glass boot in record time. However, Lavenham airbase was famous for being the home of the 487th Bombardment Group of the 8th US Army Air Force, ‘The Mighty Eighth’. The 487th flew 185 missions and more than 6,000 sorties whilst stationed at Lavenham during the Second World War, and our Signatures Project to locate each of the names upon our wall continues to pay tribute to their bravery and camaraderie.


and raise a toast