Celebrate our 5th birthday

06 March 2020

Weavers’ House Spa Director launches some new initiatives to celebrate their 5th birthday!

Wow, we can’t quite believe it.  We have been relaxing you for a whole five years. Our purpose-built, bijous boutique spa for The Swan at Lavenham often has waiting lists for appointments, although we started out with our mission to knead out the knots of our hotel guests, we quickly became one of your favourite spa spots in the region. 

Throughout the last five years we have performed thousands of massages and facials and we have loved every minute of it. Wellness is a hot topic, and we have seen a huge increase in demand for the more holistic approach to our treatments, along with supporting healthcare over the years. 

Now we are focused on working with our community, breathing connectivity and kindness into our new wellness series of Ladies Who Brunch. Our next brunch on Thursday 16 April, 9am - 12noon, is not to be missed. Priced at just £20 per person, click here to find out more!

We're also hosting our very own brand-new Sleep Retreat from 22 – 24 May from £722 per couple. Filled with nocturnal know-how, the two-night slumber party for those who can’t catch their zzz’s includes sleep inducing foods, talks, meditation, yoga, massage and a good night’s sleep.  

For many, sleep can be a battle. It can be the cause of stress and anxiety fuelled days and a weakened immune system. By simply understanding more about how we relax and what barriers are in the way of a good night in “la la land”, we can help ease you into better sleeping patterns.


Sounds dreamy?  Ask yourself these questions…

Do you sleep for less than eight hours a night?

Do you have a light or disturbed sleep?

Do you find yourself lying awake at night, unable to sleep or waking up in the middle of the night?

Do you sleep with your phone in the same room or next to you?

Do you feel foggy, irritable and unable to focus?


If you answered yes to two or more of the above questions, then perhaps our sleep retreat would be an investment for you to consider? Take a look at the weekend’s programme by clicking here...

I put this to you… you are the most important investment there is. Isn’t it time that you prioritise yourself? With 20 years’ experience in the spa world I can hand on heart tell you that most of us put ourselves last. Spa time dedicated to special occasions, or left until later life… what a waste. Don’t let your work schedule, your kids schedule or other people’s schedule, take over what is in fact your life. 

Weavers’ House Spa team is dedicated to progressively working on your well-being, whether that be with our sublime treatment selection, our retreats or our series of wellness brunches. We have never been just a spa, but a genuine spa sanctuary to wrap you in a giant blanket of TLC. Our promise is to put you first, to listen and release your tension when you need us the most.

Experience a treatment with us in April and our gift to you to celebrate our fifth birthday is £5 off your next treatment with us, T&C’s apply. 

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