Flawless Fairytale Skin For Your Wedding Day

04 March 2019

Weavers’ House Spa Director, Alex Hurt explains how to pre-plan flawless bridal skin to be celeb red carpet ready for your special day.


As the big day approaches your heart begins to quicken, there you will be standing in the spotlight with your nearest and dearest watching your every move. It’s scary, it’s stressful and it should really be all about you, but somehow it ends up being about everyone else.


The pressure of trying to get it all right, coordinated in symphony can cause even the most ‘together bride-to-be’ to lose the plot. So, with a little TLC and some pre-planning let’s help iron out those fine lines and brighten and energise the skin to have you red carpet ready for the picture-perfect moments that will last an eternity in photo frames!


Flawless skin is either hereditary or hard work. If the latter, we need to look at a few things that will really help you achieve the glow you need for the big day.


DIY Bridal Skin


Yes that’s right, boring we know but your body needs to be 70% water, to keep your system flushed and those cells plump.


Cleanse away your makeup, no more wipes.

When it comes to removing makeup it must be done properly, and I’m afraid wipes just won’t cut it. Using a cleanser, wash or a balm should remove all traces, and if there is still residue when you remove… keep cleansing. You won’t get a satin skin with blocked up pores.


Eye cream/gel, yes you need to use them.

Invest in an eye cream, keep it chilled in the fridge as this will work harder on the skin to de-puff the eyes. Use it sparingly and use your ring finger to apply on the eye bone, gently pat it on, but don’t overload.


Exfoliate and mask, twice a week.

Use a gentle exfoliator to slough away the dead skin and a hydrating mask to replenish the skin with moisture. Perform this ritual twice weekly and watch your skin bloom.


Now we have looked at your DIY skin spa, lets plan your in-spa facials. We recommend three facials spread over three months before your big day.


Best Bridal Facials

Now we have looked at your DIY skin spa, lets plan your in-spa facials. We recommend three facials spread over three months before your big day.


First up, our bespoke My Kinda Skin Facial (£72, 60 minutes) would be the perfect beginning to your new spa romance with us. We will analyse your skin and tailor the treatment to your needs. Your second facial will then be as recommended by your therapist, depending on your main concern, and we suggest your final facial is planned one week prior to the wedding.


Our newly launched Red-Carpet Facial (£70, 60 minutes) is a seriously sensational prescriptive facial, results driven to provide a flawless, lifted and luminous skin – this would make the PERFECT pre-wedding treat.


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