Spa Cocktails

04 March 2019

Who says that cocktails can’t be good for you? We’re not just about the treatments here at Weavers’ House, we want to make sure that you’re feeling relaxed and looked-after throughout your stay and that includes your insides as well as out. So we asked the talented bartenders from The Swan Hotel’s Airmen’s Bar to craft us some fabulous spa cocktails which our friends at Temple Spa have paired with some of their amazing products.


Here’s how they did it…



Our Spa Cocktail Menu


A collection of Mediterranean spa inspired cocktails. Whether you want to wind down, rev up or simply celebrate life, our delicious feel good cocktails are just the thing. Each comes with a mini product to take home so you can spa wherever you are.


Soothing Time | £10.95

An oh so cool Spa-esque Mojito with a Mediterranean flavour. Refreshing to the core, SOOTHING TIME comes with complimentary 30ml AAAHHH! Soothing Balm in a Bottle for you to take away, for freshness on the go.

Truffletini | £10.95

A glamorous and decadent spa cocktail with Truffle infused Vodka base, containing fresh strawberry puree, Passoa and passion fruit juice. Finished with edible gold and a shot of Champagne on the side. TRUFFLETINI comes with a complimentary 5ml tube of Temple Spa's award-winning SKIN TRUFFLE, so you can look fabulous too. 

Truffle Noir | £10.95

Style with serious substance, TRUFFLE NOIR is a clean, smooth cocktails containing Truffle infused Vodka, Cointreau and Creme De Cacao. FInished with a twist of fresh orange and served with a complimentary 5ml tube of Temple Spa's cult product, TRUFFLE NOIR.

Repose | £10.95

Need a drink and a hug? REPOSE is a warming, comforting drink with flavours of orange, lavender and chamomile, with a Vodka base. REPOSE comings with a complimentary 15ml jar of REPOSE.

All Talk | £10.95

A fruity fun Mediterranean cocktail for the taste of summer, whatever the weather. Cointreau, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum and pineapple juice, with a dash of Grenadine. ALL TALK comes with a full sized Lip Balm.

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