The Festive Spirit

08 December 2021

The spirit of Christmas is renowned for jovial cheer, kind acts and ‘getting together’. A time of year when we reconnect with friends and family that are close to our hearts and we celebrate with gift giving. Long lists of presents, savings spent and cards maxed to prepare for the perfect time of year.

We pressurise ourselves with the ‘need to please’ or simply to buy gifts for everyone. For those organised people that have purchased gifts throughout the year, well thought out choices, we salute you! For most it’s a scramble and a tick on a ‘to do list’.

With our ‘wellbeing hat’ firmly on, making others feel good is our business. Throughout the year we have the most thoughtful requests from new and existing guests to give the gift of relaxation to loved ones. Whether it be a solo treatment, or a package, a nights stay and dinner… it’s a ‘special occasion’, it’s appreciation, it’s thought through and it’s memorable. Although at Christmastime people love to buy gift vouchers, this happens all year round.

The love that people have for each other doesn’t, and shouldn’t stop and start at any particular time of year. We know that a kind word, and a listening ear goes a long way. Our focus is always to treat each guest holistically, looking at where they are in life, and how we can truly help.

Our new treatment menu ‘The Cure’, has carved out a space and time for us to understand how we can help you feel better. To spa is about your health, your own wellbeing. It’s about taking up your own space in our spa home, it’s your solace, your time, dedicated to gifting yourself and putting yourself first - to then serve others.

We often talk about the gift of time, taking three deep breaths and just giving yourself room to unwind. We are so busy that we forget to breathe, we forget to take time out to be still. We forget to absorb nature and to see the beauty of life. When we eventually do stop to appreciate all these things, we are always a little surprised to how amazing it makes us feel. Then for most we carry on and forget all over again.

Kindness is not dedicated to Christmas, nor should it be dedicated only to others. Kindness begins with you. Making time for you isn’t a choice - it’s a must. We urge you to quit making excuses and carve out some time every day. It could be a five minute walk at lunchtime, a meditation or class in the evening. A podcast whilst you walk the dog. Make sustainable and long-lasting changes within your life to make it richer in kindness for you. Serve self, and then serve others. We are sure you all have heard ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’.

Our team at Weavers’ are truly passionate about your wellbeing, we are here to soothe and support through our holistic touch. If you feel you need some time out, or are thinking of scheduling some time for someone else, please contact us. We also have spa memberships that can be pre-purchased as gifts, for those who would like to inject a whole years’ worth of ‘me time’ into a loved one’s life.

From us to you at Christmastime, please be kind to yourselves all year around.

We would love to see you in our spa boutique, whether just browsing, searching for that special gift or to treat yourself and spa at home.


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