Welcome back to Weavers’!

Whilst spa-aahhing may look different, our mantra will always remain the same. Weavers’ your second home, is your safe haven. We will do the thinking, so you don’t have to. We focus on your safety every step of the way, easing you out of lockdown and into your own state of wellbeing.

A few changes…we shall be opening our doors on 1st August with our new Re-invention Spa Menu. This exclusive new offering is dedicated to your safety, and all treatments will be 90 minutes, inclusive of 30 minutes of bookable outdoor vitality pool time.

We know that you can't wait to spa with us, and we can't wait to see you. We do have a new way of spa-aaahhhing in line with government guidelines, we would kindly ask you to read the below before scheduling your time with us.

Spa Menu- as we open our doors we have a NEW TREATMENT MENU. Focusing on what you’ll need and balancing with what we are able to perform as per the new government advice.

Treatment timings- all treatments will be 90 minutes. This is for your comfort and safety. We shall also be running to fixed timings that cannot be moved. This will reduce and control the number of guests at the spa.

Opening hours- we shall be amending our opening hours accordingly, to accommodate.

Consultations- we will email you a consultation form to complete prior to your appointment. This will need to be completed 24 hours prior to your visit, to ensure you are well for your appointment with us.

Feeling unwell? - we would kindly ask to stay away from the spa if you are feeling unwell. We are working in close proximity with you and wish to minimalize the risk. We reserve the right to refuse treatment should we believe you to be unwell.

Feeling anxious about spa-aahhing ? -please tell us, we will ensure that you feel safe and reassured throughout your time with us. Everyone is different, and we appreciate that. Tell us… because after all, it’s all in the details.

Confirmation and Assessment- we will call you 24 hours before your appointment to run through your consultation and health assessment. Without this check, we will be unable to complete your treatment.

Arrival- prompt arrival of 30 minutes prior to your appointment time is required, if you are late THIS WILL IMPACT your treatment time. There will be additional pre-treatment checks and processes that will be affected if you are late and therefore reduce your treatment time. If you are late, please note that full payment will be taken.

Facilities- our Vitality Pool will be now ‘bookable’ with the maximum time of 30 mins spent with a maximum of 2 people from either the same or one other household. Our sauna and steam remain closed until further government notice. If you have a treatment, we ask you to advise and book your pool time after your treatment.

Deposits- all treatments will require a 100% deposit.

Cancellations- should you need to cancel your appointment with us please provide 12 hours’ notice, under 12 hours and we will charge in full for your appointment.

Payment- card payments only. No cash payments.

Relaxation time- based on demand we will limit to 30 mins of relaxation time post-treatment in our quiet space.

One-way system- we ask for all arrivals to enter via the front door on the High St and all departures to leave via the boutique/pool. Once inside the spa you are kindly asked to adhere to our one-way system.


PPE- our front of house Folk will be wearing masks and your therapist will be wearing a full-face visor. This means that you won’t have to but can wear PPE if you wish.

Temperature checks- upon checking into the spa, we will take your temperature and record it. If we believe you to be unwell we will ask you to leave the spa.

Handwashing- provided places throughout your spa journey along with hand sanitiser.

Touch Point Cleaning- throughout the day public spaces. Each treatment room will be cleaned for 25 minutes prior to treatment. Self-serve cleaning equipment and materials will be made available.

Changing rooms- a maximum of 2 people at one time. Each individual locker will be cleaned after every use and sealed.

Towels and Robes- all towels and robes will be cleaned off-site at 60 degrees. All towels and robes will be handled with gloves and clearly separated as clean and soiled.

Showering- we ask that all guests shower at the spa before their treatment.

There maybe something that we haven’t thought of, after all this is all new to us too, so please let us know.

Well, that's the small print out of the way! Our phone lines and email will be open from Friday 24th July to schedule your appointments for August 1st onwards. If you have thought of something we haven't, don't be afraid to say.

Relaxing you soon,

Weavers' x