We've Cracked It!

26 March 2019

It's Our 4th Birthday!


Weavers’ House Spa Director, Alex Hurt celebrates the spa’s fourth birthday this April with the introduction of five new exclusive massages


Happy Birthday to us! Four years strong and we are committed to making everyone at Weavers’ feel amazing. In celebration of our birthday and embracing the springtime, ‘We’ve Cracked it’ with our expertly designed massages with you at the forefront.

We decided to use our collective spa relaxation know-how to combine all ‘the best bits of massage’ that leave you wanting for more.  Those movements that make you purr and release your daily stresses, with soft-medium-firm pressures we have something for everyone.

Designed by our very own team, we have lovingly put together five exclusive massages that you won’t find anywhere else. Why? We figured that we wanted to provide our clients with even more of a bespoke experience, to tailor our treatments to be more specific and client led. You asked, and we listened, always ensuring we are meeting your relaxation goals.

Being an all-female team, our relaxation masterminds know what women want, and have designed two specific treatments designed for different times of life.

Recognising that our ‘monthly cycle’ brings about imbalance in moods and pain we have our ‘Woman-Kind’ massage, and for those going through menopausal changes we have ‘Is it Hot in Here’ to provide relief from those impossible flushes and changeable feelings.

To help all of the insomniacs our brand new ‘Sleep-Well’ massage is designed to leave you ready for bed… luckily we have a hotel just a stone’s throw away from the spa, or if you live nearby we recommend booking a taxi home!

Concrete boulders for shoulders?  ‘Knotted Up’ massage is our intensive treatment with a firm pressure, or try ‘Relax-ology’ for a medium pressure super soothing de-stress.

Our exclusive new massages are available from this April - We’ve cracked it! From Weavers’ with love.



30 minutes BNS (back, neck and shoulder) massage; 60/90 minutes blissful full body massage

An expert blend of all the best techniques designed to lull you into a deeper state of relaxation, with our medium pressure soon-to-be bestselling massage.

** The 60 and 90 minute options include a scalp massage


30 minutes intensive BNS massage; 60/90 minutes intensive full body massage

Are your shoulders reaching your ears?  Is your back in bits?  In our ‘iron out your kinks’ intensive massage (not for the faint hearted), we promise to deliver you the muscle relief you need to free you of those naughty knots.

** The 60 and 90 minute options include a scalp massage



60/90 minutes of balancing massage to soothe pain and ease monthly moods

Our hormone rebalancing, pain reducing super heroine of rescue treatments is designed to give you relief throughout your monthly cycle.  Designed by our in-spa experts to soothe, combines aromatherapy, pressure points and heat. This treatment will deliver you back to reality feeling like ‘you’ once again.

** Includes a tummy massage to reduce bloating



60/90 minutes of temperature controlled, calming menopausal massage

Designed by women who know what it’s like, our bespoke massage treatment will chill the flushes, balance the mood, tame the anxiety to restore your levels of relaxation.  Harnessing the power of aromatherapy, pressure point massage and advanced holistic massage techniques, this full body medium pressured massage won’t leave you reaching for the fan.



60/90 minutes of sleep inducing, feather touch, full body massage

Hush now, it’s time to nap… allow us to release the daily struggles, transport you to a world of calm, soothe you with our long feathery strokes of massage and lull you to sleep.  This lavender packed sleeping pill of a treatment will have you tucked up as snug as a bug under a duvet and off to la la land before we can say… ‘nunight’!


For more details, call us on 01787 246 246, email weavers@theswanatlavenham.co.uk or visit www.theswanatlavenham.co.uk.

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