NEW to Weavers' House Spa - Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture

We're thrilled to announce that Spa Director, Alex Hurt, is now offering Auricular Acupunture from the comfort of your home away from home, Weavers'.

An exciting new treatment for Weavers' House Spa, Alex has created an experience which 'weaves' the traditional wellness therapy of auricular acupuncture with all of the attention to detail and care that you expect from a Weavers' treatment. 

As well as being our Spa Director, Alex has been a spa professional for 25 years. Now she adds being a qualified Auricular Acupuncture Practitioner to her credentials, with certifications from the Nada Five Point Protocol for Substance Misuse & Stress Management and the Yuan Traditional Medicine College.

So what is auricular acupuncture and what to expect?

Auricular acupuncture is acupuncture of the ear, it is a complimentary therapy that can be accumulative and each session provides a sense of ‘wellbeing’ which leads to a high state of relaxation and calm. It is both safe, simple and incredibly effective for many health concerns including the following:

Chronic pain, digestive issues, breathing and lung issues, stress and anxiety, depression, insomnia, addiction, muscular or sports-related issues, allergies and skin-related issues, reproductive and menopausal concerns as well as general well-being.

Each needle is single use and pre-sterilized, they cause minimal pain and discomfort, after a few minutes you may even forget they're there!  Occasionally there can be slight bleeding or bruising, this is nothing to worry about and subsides quickly.

Treatments with the needles last between 30 and 45 minutes targeting the energy QI (pronounced chee), which flows around the body along pathways, also known as ‘meridians’. Stimulating points in the ears activates the body’s defence to restore balance.

As auricular acupuncture is a complimentary therapy, for best results we would recommend a course of six or more treatments. 

The first treatment is a longer 90-minute treatment, further treatments will then be 60 minutes. 

Your first treatment

Arrive early

Sip on your oat, banana and berry smoothie and relax in our spa facilities before your treatment. This is available with all auricular acupuncture sessions, prior to the treatment.


The initial treatment incorporates a lengthy consultation & chat to check in with you and establish what you would like to focus on, along with an analysis of the ears.


Treatments commence with QI (pronounced 'chee') Gong meditation. Setting the tone for the treatment it allows you to focus on how and what you are feeling and blocking out the outside world.


You can opt to change into a fluffy white robe or remain clothed for your treatment. The acupuncture is performed on our luxurious heated water mattress treatment beds.


This is followed by a meditative massage for the scalp or feet with a trio of choice from Tribe517’s aromatherapy balms to elevate your experience.

A relaxing end

Your treatment concludes in the usual Weavers’ way, with a bespoke loose leaf tea, macaron and a fruity sorbet- should you wish.
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Testimonial: Fiona's Journey

Before I started my acupuncture journey with Alex, I must be honest, I felt slightly sceptical.

Not knowing too much about the treatment but also felt very intrigued as I had a few areas that needed improvement!

My main concern being my lower back, tinnitus and "mild" anxiety.

Unbeknown to me, I was suffering with anxiety a lot more than I first realised.

Before my first few sessions with Alex, I felt uptight, clenched, sometimes quite low and anxious.

I'd say half way through our sessions, I started to become more open minded, throughout our Qi Gong sessions, I would start to relax more and even started seeing colours! This excited me! - I started to see a difference in my mood in general, anxiety was reduced, and I would have a very positive mindset.

For me, the main improvement has been my lower back, this really started to become a concern of mine as it was affecting my work and I can honestly say I am amazed, I have not felt pain, aches or twinges in my lower back even since our first session!

Due to my anxiety levels reducing, I have noticed that my tinnitus has also minimised. - I have tried to make a general improvement in my lifestyle anyway, less alcohol intake (which would send my anxiety through the roof) but I really believe having acupuncture has helped in so many ways for me.

I feel alive, energised, healthier and just in general motivated, I have even signed up to do a half marathon!

Overall, I am so pleased with how I am feeling after 10 sessions with Alex. It has completely changed my outlook on Chinese medicine, my way of thinking about alternative treatments and this new feeling for me, of being balanced is incredible!

I cannot thank Alex enough, for the acupuncture, talk therapy and for being heard.


How much is it?

Your first treatment or a single treatment of 90 minutes | £140

Further treatments of 60 minutes | £115

Purchase a series of five or more to receive a 20% discount

First, singular or follow up treatments which are booked as part of a series of five or more include complimentary use of our steam, sauna, outdoor heated vitality pool and spa lounge, this is to be enjoyed prior to your treatment only.

Those that choose to use our 15% re-book discount will not have access to facility use ahead of their treatment. 

Group sessions
Group sessions for the Nada Detox and Wellbeing Protocol are also available on request. Group pricing can be provided on request.

Book me in!

Acupuncture bookings can only be made with the spa directly and are not available online at this time. To book, please call our friendly team on 01787 246246, or you can email us by filling in the contact us form below.

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