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You’re pregnant? Congratulations!

As you begin to grow your very own human being, it may feel a little like your body is no longer your own, which can be a little scary. But don't panic, our therapists are here to help.

Introducing basq NYC, this brand new, award winning range that’s finally made it over the pond is loved by the likes of Heidi Klum, Angelina Jolie and many more.

Five simply stunning treatments for mum-to-be from the second trimester onwards.

*Health alert – please note that use of the spa’s vitality pool, sauna and steam is not recommended during pregnancy, due to the excessive heat effecting both mummy and baby’s blood pressure.

Throughout the months ahead, the hormones will be surging and your body working overtime hosting your baby bump. Your skin will stretch naturally, and 75-90% of women will develop stretchmarks throughout their pregnancy (usually in the seventh month). You may be feeling sick, swollen and tired and probably on a short fuse. Yes, it’s all going to be worth it, but in the meantime let us make this magical time a little more ‘zen’.

Pre-natal massage is a specialty; it’s important that you feel safe in the knowledge that Weavers’ therapists have a separate certification in pregnancy massage. Although not too different from a regular massage, the pressure of a pre-natal massage will be soft to medium, whilst lying on your side. Less pressure will be given on your lower back, feet and ankles due to the complexity of nerve endings. You can ask for a stronger pressure on the neck and shoulders, but this will NOT BE A DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE! They will even massage your baby bump, and expect your little one to wriggle and kick a little, as the healing touch is a powerful one.


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Please note, there is a small supplement included for spa bookings enjoyed Friday to Sunday. You can find out more here.