12 Tips For Surviving Christmas

04 March 2019

The Christmas party season is upon us. It’s a hectic time, so at Weavers’ House Spa we felt some tips for surviving Christmas might be needed to help you get through the festivities.


Here are our top tips to keep you looking and feeling red-carpet-ready throughout December!



You’ll be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed the day after the night before if you drink a glass of water between those glasses of bubbly. Alcohol dehydrates, so keep re-hydrating to fight off a killer hangover the next morning.

2. Thirsty skin

Drench your skin with a hydrating mask before bed to wake up with velvety smooth skin – not a dry, tired complexion in sight.

3. Perfectly polished

Not every manicure can survive the three-week party season, but with an application of your festive shade in Gel, you should stay chip free without having to worry about a nail fix.

4. Spooning

Pop two teaspoons in the fridge and apply to tired and puffy eyes the morning after. Better still, why not keep your eye cream in the fridge too? Reduce the swelling, tighten up the creases and you will be ready to face the day.

5. Luscious lips

Keep those lips moisturised and chap-free with a conditioning balm. A chilly wind can dehydrate the lips leaving them dry and flaky – think of the mistletoe!

6. Happy feet

Stilettos are a killer and so is a lack of sleep. Massage a rich moisturiser or sleepy aromatherapy oil from knees to toes to promote relaxed feet and a soothed mind for bedtime restoration; helps avoid dosing at your desk the next day!

7. Detox

To detox you must in-tox. Run yourself a bath, sprinkle in some healing salts, relax and unwind ready to face the day. Eucalyptus, rosemary, menthol, lemon and juniper all make for a detoxing relaxation.

8. Meditation

If you aren’t getting your regular amount of hours of sleep a night, try listening to sleep meditation. This will have you nodding off in no time and promote a higher level of relaxation with reduced sleep time.

9. Crystal healing

Crystals aren’t just for the patchouli-loving hippies amongst us, they are for everyone. Try Carnelian… known as the energy booster. Place it on your navel, give yourself five minutes’ time out and take three deep breaths, right down to your stomach – we promise you will feel better.

10. Power mask

We don’t mean more foundation and concealer. Exfoliate and then apply a super power face mask to uplift, restore and brighten the skin before applying make-up for an instant glow.

11. Carb-free

To avoid the bloat go for carb-free canapés, and try to avoid a greasy breakfast the following morning. Don’t deny yourself all season though, or you will end up over-indulging at some point!

12. Breathe

This may sound simple, however most of us only breath properly when we are sleeping. Have you noticed when you are tired you yawn? Or when you are stressed you sigh? It’s because the body needs more oxygen. If the season has you all in a tizzy, then breathe… right deep down from the tummy. Long deep breaths will get you back on track, and seriously soothed.


If you follow all our tips but still feel in need of some TLC, book a relaxing full body Mediterranean massage or restorative facial at Weaver’s House Spa in Suffolk and you’ll be ready to party all over again!

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