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04 March 2019

We’re thrilled to introduce new spa treatments for those affected by cancer

Our mission at Weavers’ House Spa is to quite simply make everyone feel amazing. However with an increasing number of people in the world being affected by cancer, we weren’t able to treat everyone.  So, we decided to delve into the question – why?  Why can’t we perform a massage, and what can we do to offer relaxation and serenity, when someone probably needs it the most?  The rules were set in stone and we had to follow them… until now.

Weavers’ House Spa is delighted to have partnered with Jennifer Young, who has developed a range of spa products especially for those affected by cancer.

Jennifer came to holistic therapies later in life, having spent most of her early career in the world of science and hard facts. She was asked by her local NHS hospital to develop a skin care range to help those going through treatment for cancer, and so Defiant Beauty was born. The range of 10 organic products has been designed for the most sensitive of skins, for those going through treatment and beyond.

After working closely with patients to develop the products, Jennifer realised a great injustice existed; the people she met were being denied personal spa treatments when they needed them the most. Research related to cancer and massage shows that adapted massage techniques can reduce anxiety, a depressed mood and anger in breast cancer patients. It also reduces pain and perceived stress levels, improves sleep patterns and quality of life, and promotes an improvement in mood disturbances in the short term.  There is no evidence to date to support the idea that massage could spread cancer cells to other parts of the body, which is the reason why massage has been contraindicated in spas for anyone affected by cancer.

But now, with the launch of five brand new treatments at Weavers’ House Spa, anyone affected by cancer can have a facial, massage, manicure or pedicure, along with a face and body treatment.  We are also proud to be stocking the Defiant Beauty Skincare range by Jennifer Young in our Spa Boutique.

Therapists at Weavers’ House Spa have been personally trained by Jennifer Young to perform adapted treatment techniques. They have completed their specialised course and hold an accredited qualification. Our team can answer any questions that you may have about the treatments and put your mind at ease.  If you would prefer to ask your medical team before making an appointment, we would be more than happy to provide any information required.

Finally we’re able to make everyone feel amazing.

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