Are You Spa Spooked?

05 March 2019


The word ‘spa’ may conjure up a blissful image of a few hours of uninterrupted time for some, and for others, it can be an overthinkers nightmare.  ‘Will I have to wear paper underwear? Will it fit me? Do I even have to wear underwear? I haven’t shaved my legs’!  If this resonates as you read it then read on…..

Spas can be daunting places for the spa rookie, just the thought of getting naked and baring all to a stranger certainly doesn’t invoke relaxation.  Selecting a spa treatment can also feel like you are staring at the wine menu in another language… baffling! … and heaven forbid you ask a question! With this in mind, I would like to decrypt the ‘mysterious world of spa’ so everyone can reap the benefits of relaxation without feeling like an outsider.



If you have never had a spa treatment before start with a 60-minute massage, preferably a moderate pressure, or even a massage that will be adapted to your needs.  When scheduling your appointment, if you have a preference for a male or female therapist now is the time to say.  Should you have any medical history that may affect your treatment, this should also be flagged upon booking.


Spa preparation and arrival

Contrary to the thoughts running around in your head, we don’t mind if you haven’t shaved.  We also don’t expect our clients to look like airbrushed celebrities, although we do prefer you freshly showered. Arriving at least 15 minutes early for your appointment is a must, there is nothing worse than arriving just on time, and then your changing and consultation runs into ‘your prime pamper time’!  Should the spa offer heat facilities (you could enquire on booking), arrive an hour or so earlier so you can indulge and warm up your body before your treatment.


In-spa Etiquette

Spa’s are usually quiet, so put your phone, along with your voice on silent.  When being introduced to the spa, confirm the time of your treatment (you may need to keep your watch on- as spas are no places for clocks), also ensure you are aware of where you need to wait for your therapist.



Yes, you will be a butterfly by the end of your spa time, but right now lets talk underwear!  If you are having any treatment in the spa, you will need to keep those underpants on.  Some spas do offer the paper kind.  They aren’t always a generous fit, therefore honestly- take a spare pair of your own with you.  If you are wearing a bathing suit, that can work too, however full costumes can be uncomfortable, and long shorts limit your leg massage!  Robes… if you need a more generous robe ( I do), then this is where for some- it can bring you out in a hot sweat.  I am happy to say we at Weavers’ have generous robes, however some spas, unfortunately, don’t. Fear not!  You could enquire on booking, or if faced with a minute robe, don on a bath towel and wrap it around you, or simply ask a member of the team if they have a larger size.  Be clear- not everyone is petite, nor does the spa expect them to be.


The Treatment

Your therapist in consultation should ask you how you would like to feel after your treatment, any specific areas that you would like them to concentrate on and the pressure you would like.  This is where you MUST speak up.  If your shoulder feels like concrete boulders- tell them.  If you don’t want your feet or your hair being touched- tell them.  Unless you tell your therapist they won’t know- sadly we can’t read minds.  At the beginning of the treatment your therapist should check you are comfortable, and check the pressure that they are using (if having a massage).  If you need them to increase/decrease the pressure you MUST NOT be afraid to say.  In addition, if as the treatment progresses and you need them to change pressure- you must say.  A therapist’s nightmare is performing a treatment, that you don’t enjoy.  Our aim is to make you feel amazing, and there is no point waiting until the end of the treatment and writing a comment – tell us, we promise we won’t be offended!  Just a heads up- if you need a firm massage, it’s not uncommon for the therapist to use their elbows- this is completely normal… and safe of course!



Relax, take at least 15 minutes, and rehydrate.


Now, in the name of relaxation there is no excuse, go schedule your spa experience!

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