The Recipe For An Unforgettable Spa Experience

05 March 2019

When the word ‘spa’ is whispered, it conjures up images of peace, tranquillity and feel good vibes.  This, ‘our stage’, is where we perform at our peak.  Providing a myriad of therapies to transport you to another world, our sole focus is you for the time that we are with you. From the minute you enter the spa, we aim to give you a warm welcome and envelop you into the spa journey, so you can leave your worries at the door.

The UK wellness industry is worth a whopping £23 billion, and globally there are over 35,000 spas.  This means that more people than ever are investing in themselves; a wise investment!  Certainly, the UK has placed more emphasis on both physical and mental health and wellbeing, and therefore relaxation and stress relief is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury.

The know-how behind operating a spa makes all the difference to your experience, and I would like to share just a few ways that make your spa experience with us so special.

People – Our team of hand-picked personalities are the integral ingredient to making your treatment. Passionate, experienced and educated therapists are essential, however it’s really whether they can put the ‘aaahhh’ into your spa treatment that matters. Our team have that unique touch that simply puts you at ease straight away, from the moment your treatment starts you are reassured they know where your tension is and you have complete trust to unwind in their hands.  This is the X factor of a spa treatment, and not necessarily easy to find. Connecting with your therapist and building a relationship is so important and has a large impact on your ability to completely give way to relaxation.

Place – The spa itself must be a safe, non-judgmental and soothing environment, cleanliness and hygiene are key, along with a neutral design to relax the eyes as well as the mind. A well thought out spa journey and ease to move around without too much disturbance are must-haves; often only smaller more bijous spas allow that intimate feel.  Busier spas full of groups can be less relaxing, at Weavers’ we prefer to have a more exclusive feel, giving you the time and space to ‘just be’.

Personal Touch – Whether a returning loyal client or a day guest we always aim to make you feel special.  One-to-one attention and service with a friendly approach will evoke a warm and fuzzy feeling that leaves you longing to come back for more.  Our subtle touches along the spa journey from a warm aromatic towel on welcome and the time we allocate for a consultation to find out what you need, to our individual channels of soothing spa sounds, comforting warm water mattresses, zesty sorbets, and bespoke teas and macarons post-treatment are the little extras that complete your experience with us.

Trust – When I first started thinking about what makes a great spa, it dawned on me that at the core it’s the trust and consistency that ultimately makes us return.  With a plethora of choices out there as the spa industry expands, the expectations rise. However, at the heart of spa are the people that make your experience what it is, the passion, the skill and the consistency that wins you over in the quality of your spa experience.

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