The Season Of Gifting

05 March 2019

Weavers’ House Spa Director Alex Hurt Explores Festive Gifting


Tis’ the season to be gifting, the nights have drawn in, the fairy lights are twinkling and there’s an excitement in the chilled winter air.  Christmas is coming.  The season of giving can be accompanied with a lot of expectation, which puts pressure on us not only to buy the ‘perfect’ gift, but also to have the perfect holiday.


Personally, I long to be one of those ‘well prepared’ gift givers that start their jam and chutney making from the plump fruits of summer time, to gift in a kilner jar dressed in ribbon and a handwritten note.  Alas, I simply don’t seem to find the time and cheat by stocking up at farmers’ markets and Christmas fayres for my stocking fillers.  One day, I vow to be that person, to be prepared and to write my Christmas cards in October.


Where do we draw the line at gifting?  Is it too much, will it be enough?  How much should I spend?  Surely, it’s the thought that you put into choosing the right gift that matters, not the cost.


My dad and I have our own ‘little thing’, and we pick up ‘feely stones’ from the beach.  These are small, smooth stones, often with flat sides that we run through our fingertips with hands in our coat pockets.  I can’t remember what my dad bought me for Christmas last year, but I do know where I keep my ‘feely stone’, and who I think of every time I go for a walk and feel it in my pocket.


Lost in a world of materialism, the wonderful season of shopping, taking your time and choosing carefully has run off with the reindeer. Instant gratification, online purchases and next day delivery has taken over, so we have more time… to do what exactly?  Are we spending more time with our friends and family?  Are we hand making our gifts, or are we simply working even harder to cover the cost of our Christmas shopping lists?


When you are writing your gifting lists this year, consider how you can personalise the gift, make it special, memorable, perhaps an experience.


At Weavers’ we have so many new guests coming to visit and spa with us, who wouldn’t have come if they hadn’t been gifted a voucher at Christmas.  There is something so special about ‘the first spa experience’, especially for those that never have time, or the funds, to prioritise their own relaxation.  Providing them with an oasis of calm, focusing on only them for the duration of their visit, feels like we are giving them the greatest gift, and that’s the gift of time.


Take your time browsing in our spa boutique, we have some beautiful festive gifts; specially blended teas, glistening crystals and aromatherapeutic concoctions for the face and body with prices for all pockets.  If the gift of a spa experience is what you are looking for, we are on hand to recommend a variety of treatment vouchers, or if you aren’t sure which to choose, vouchers can be purchased for a specific value.  We do have something for everyone, because we really have thought this through and yes, we can deliver your gift.


For more details about Weavers’ House Spa at the Swan at Lavenham, or to purchase a spa gift voucher call 01787 246 246 or visit

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