It's A Kind Of Magic

05 March 2019

Weavers’ House Spa Director Alex Hurt rewinds the magic of Christmas

Rewind your mind to when you were a child, and for most of us Christmas was the most magical time of the year. Filled with a red cloaked and stout white bearded man, with a penchant for a mince pie and a dash of sherry, while delivering our gifts. Delving into this a little deeper, being on ‘Santa’s nice list’ meant doing good deeds throughout the year, looking after others and believing in something a whole lot bigger than us.


Our imaginations when younger seem infinite. The older we are, the more ‘realistic’ and somewhat disciplined we become. I can’t help thinking, what if we still believed in a limitless life? If we looked at opportunity instead of failure and still considered the endless possibilities? Isn’t this what all of the great entrepreneurs do, and what the law of attraction is all about? It’s a way of thinking.


Now older, and somewhat wiser, I have become cynical or as I would explain ‘realistic’. However, having conditioned myself within society’s markers, the optimist in me would like to throw off the shackles, blow caution to the wind, and just go for it. Providing that you aren’t harming yourself or others why live in the monotony, make your own waves, believe in yourself and your own possibilities.


When I conjure up memories of Father Christmas, his seemingly impossible task of not only remembering everyone’s gifts but delivering them in one night, does in fact seem possible in today’s world. Perhaps not the magic dust to sprinkle onto Rudolph and his crew, but if we consider technology today, next day delivery and the number of apps that are readily available, I really do think we could have the 2018 version of Santa in us all.


So, it appears we already have invented the magic. Daily we ask Siri, Alexa or Google any question we want to, and they have an answer. Our orders instantaneously appear on next day delivery and we can be anywhere we want to in the world within 24 hours. Wow! So, as we close this year and move onto the next, think about freeing your own limitations, being kind to yourself, re-igniting your own magic. Open your imagination, allow yourself to dream, focus on yourself, your goals and find yourself again.


You will find us nestled in the very festive and ‘twinkly’ lit Lavenham, relaxing our clients in serene surroundings with blissful massage, relaxing aromatherapy and a whole lot of ‘me time’ to focus on next year’s magic. Why not drop in to our Spa Boutique stocked full of luxurious gifts perfect for any pocket and wrap the day up dining in one of our wonderful venue’s at the hotel. Our award-winning Head Chef Justin Kett, has carefully selected the most delicious Christmas menus this year so there’s every reason to spend time in Lavenham this December.


We have Christmas all wrapped up, so give the gift of relaxation this year with a spa gift voucher. If you purchase directly from us, there’s FREE DELIVERY! Also, for choosing to shop with Weavers’ you can take £20 off your next retail purchase with us when you spend over £100 on gift vouchers (Terms & Conditions apply).


For more details about Weavers’ House Spa at the Swan at Lavenham, or to purchase a spa gift voucher call 01787 246 246 or visit

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