Brand-new Zeitgeist Treatment

24 October 2019

Alex Hurt Weavers’ Spa Director launches a Brand-new Zeitgeist Treatment


Just breathe…It’s intense isn’t it? Life.  Sometimes everything is manageable and other times it’s overwhelming.  The noise of our thoughts roaring though our minds, never quiet, always chatter, searching, scanning and planning. For many thousands of years there has been a proven practice that has quietened the mind - meditation. 

When we think of meditation most of us imagine reaching for a tie die T-shirt, an incense stick and some ohm music, we feel this isn’t accessible for us.  Perhaps many of you feel this practice is best suited to those in the lotus position at the top of a mountain in India, however I beg to differ.

Meditation dates back to as early as 1500 BCE in India. Found mostly in ancient religious traditions around the world, the practice associated with a spiritual path can be linked closely to Buddhism.  Buddha, who lived and taught in Southeast Asia about 2600 years ago, founded an experiential path that inspired generations of practitioners to sit in a mindful awareness and breathe their way to lasting peace.

Although these are the grass roots, you don’t need to practice any religion or belief system to meditate.  It is by far one of the most freeing practices that you can gift yourself.

Harnessing the power of clearing the mind from it’s chatter, bringing you into a state of relaxation and allowing your thoughts to just come and go.  Not thinking, or fighting, just allowing thoughts to flow in and out, whilst breathing in for three and out for five.

Flooding the body with the oxygen it needs to restore. Focussing on the conscious breath, bringing awareness to the body, and allowing energy to flow are just a few ways to meditate.  You don’t necessarily need to be head-to-toe in Lycra®, chanting mantras – let’s not over complicate matters.  Quite simply you could be at home, or in a field - who cares as long as it’s quiet!

At Weavers’ we have been working with hypno-meditation specialist Lizzie Falconer to develop the first of its kind ‘Mind Therapy Massage’.  This completely bespoke treatment is individually tailored for each client, allows complete surrender. 

Lizzie and our therapists work simultaneously on one client performing a deeply relaxing, holistic massage, whilst Lizzie gently guides you through a hypno-meditation.  As everyone is different, each session is completely tailored for your needs, whether that be stress, anxiety, depression, sleeping disorders or something else, Lizzie will guide you through an extensive consultation to understand what you would like to achieve with your treatment.

This zeitgeist treatment encourages the mind and body to completely give in to relaxation.  Whilst the soft melodic tones of Lizzie’s meditation wash over you, your therapist works slowly, rhythmically in unison, leaving you to completely surrender.  This is the ‘Ultimate treatment’, and for those that find it very difficult to relax or meditate; then this is the perfect treatment for you.

Science tells us, that every time you have a negative thought, it has a profound effect on our physical and mental well-being. As a therapist, Lizzie Falconer has helped countless people look at their world differently, beautifully.  This break through treatment is now available at Weavers’ by special appointment starting at £150 for 60 minutes.


To schedule your Mind Therapy Massage call Weavers’ House Spa at the Swan at Lavenham on 01787 246 246 or email us using the contact form below. For more information visit


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