Three Wishes

19 November 2019

Alex Hurt Weavers’ House Spa Director explores three wishes for the season


So, Christmas is coming, and it got me thinking about wishes. In Aladdin the genie of the lamp grants three wishes, and my overthinking brain then went on a magic carpet mystery tour of ‘what we all could wish for to make our world a better place’.

Interestingly, as I researched the story of Aladdin, I learnt he was actually Chinese and not Middle Eastern, which skewed my view of the tale, and it no longer seemed the childlike fable I had come to know and love. Isn’t it odd, as you get older you realise that some things you have always thought were true, or were right, were actually the contrary?

The festive season offers many stories that we learn as children about kindness, caring and helping others. As we know, the holidays these days are more about gifts than they are about the true meaning.  With religion discussed in hushed tones in recent times, and as the new mantra on mindfulness sweeps the nation, I wonder what most people would wish for?

My first wish is in the interest of the environment; I would wish for a shift for the planet to reverse climate change.  However, for every action there is a reaction.  I wonder by my wish coming true, would this knock another thing off kilter and alter something else?

My second wish is for humanity, I would wish for a cure for cancer.  This would make such a difference to so many people’s life, but then what would be the next disease threatening our lives?

My third wish… would be to return to the 20-year-old me, and change the course of my life and hopefully, in turn, this would change the course of others more positively. Or would it?

It appears that no matter what we wish for, it may not turn out the way we have planned. Life is an adventure, and we aren’t meant to get three wishes because we can create our own reality, and we are in charge of our future.  In life’s rich tapestry if you remove just one thread the whole picture can become something else entirely, so by everyone changing something small, it can make a big impact.

Why not become the genie of your own lamp, or indeed someone else’s?  The festivities are about spreading joy, peace and new beginnings, so what can you change for the better this Christmas?  Could you write someone a wish and help them make it happen for them?

At Weavers’ we try to make your wishes come true, make you feel more at ease, balanced and at peace.  This is your sanctuary; however, it should start with your own peace of mind, in your thoughts and your intentions. We wish this Christmas that your very own genie can make a positive impact for you and others.

Weavers’ is open over the festive season, however on Christmas Day itself, 25 December, we will be closed relaxing and celebrating with our loved ones. For our Christmas opening times or to schedule your spa time call 01787 246 246 or email us using the contact form below. For more information visit

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