Finding Freedom

16 December 2019

Alex Hurt Weavers’ House Spa Director explores finding freedom and trusting your gut


The promise of a new year, a new chapter, new outlooks and a time of reflection holds great hope.  The twinkly lights of the silly season are gone, deep into the winter chill, this is time to gain some perspective on where you want your year to go.  Or perhaps, where your path will lead and others follow. 

A very close friend of mine will often say; Does it matter, does it really matter?   This little mantra resonates and filters out what is important and what’s just static.  I think 2020 should matter.  If you are old enough, you will recall the year 2000 being a turning point for many.  A milestone over the ages of meaning.  Will you explore your own boundaries, push yourself out of your comfort zone and stir your pot?

Let this new year, this new page be a time to face your own fears and find freedom.  Make a list of your fears or areas of your life that you know need work.  By identifying these, and owning them, working through them you can and will find release.  Often the most complex and difficult times in our life are indeed to show us exactly what we are made for. You are stronger than you think.

By going back to basics and following your intuition you will notice positive change.  You are unique, and so are your gut instincts.  It’s learning how to identify them, and to work with your vibes; silence and stillness allow time for inner reflection. Consider listening to your inner thoughts, not your over thinking brain that worries about everything, but your gut.  That feeling that flutters or feels like a rock.

To help you distinguish your feelings get in touch with your gut, here’s a few prompts from your intuition that can help.


Positive intuitions

A warm feeling of comfort, familiarity – a sense that you have known that person before.

Breathing more easily, relaxed chest and shoulders and tummy/gut.

Finding yourself leaning forward, not defensively crossing your arms or keeping at a distance.

Your heart is open, you feel safe, secure, at peace and completely alive.

At ease with a person’s company, a hand shake, a hug.


Negative intuitions

A sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, or a sense that you have had before about a difficult situation.

A frustrated feeling, you withdraw if touched.

Tense shoulders, strained throat, tight chest and aches and pains.

All the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.

A sense of pressure, irritation or being drained.


At Weavers’ we rely on our intuition.  Our ability to connect with others is due to our energy and yours.  Rather like electricity, feelings can’t be seen, but can light up a room.  Our carefully selected team is here to light you up, and assist you on your journey.  Make 2020 matter, trust your gut. Face your fears and be true to your inner self.

Weavers’ House Spa works with your needs, we are compact, bijous and treatment led.  Let us tap into what you need and start your new year with some all important ‘me time’.


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