The Power of Two

16 January 2020

Alex Hurt Weavers’ House Spa Director explores The Power of Two


Life can be lonely, as you enter it alone and you leave it alone.  You can also choose to live it alone, or the lone life chooses you.  Valentine’s Day, or should I say, Hallmark Day, is often a reminder to the singletons out there that they are in fact, still single.


This brings me to ‘the power of two’. This isn’t necessarily a conventional relationship, but more of a support duo.  Singletons should (in my opinion) always have someone to bounce life off.  No one is an island after all.  Friends are the family that you can actually choose, so make sure that you choose well.  Sharing your thoughts, sometimes even just verbally ‘getting it all out’ is the therapy we all need.  Often it isn’t the solution to the problem that we want, just to simply empty our overworked minds of that rather noisy chatter we internalise.


Healthy friendships are about give and take.  It’s not all one sided, and you really do have to take it in turns.  Be it a day, week or month.  Sometimes the other person will need you to balance them out and vice versa.  A one-sided friendship is dangerous territory and certainly not healthy, so look out for those energy vampires and if they’re worth it, talk about it, work on it and work through it.  I know friendships shouldn’t be ‘work’ but let’s face it, life isn’t a movie.


Back to ‘the duo’.  Sharing your world, your family and your deepest thoughts with someone builds a powerful bond.  When I moved back to the UK four years ago and relocated in Suffolk, I knew no one.  Work was my world and when I wasn’t there, I took myself off walking, and I even taught myself how to bake! I now have a handful of special people in my life, that have become my very own Suffolk family.  Finding friends as you get older isn’t always easy.  With so many people in their own clique, breaking into that circle is hard but not impossible.  I did it, I found them, and I am so thankful, because the power of two is comforting, grounding and most of all powerful.  After all, sharing is caring.


In the month of love, let’s really look to love one another.  Let’s be kind and acknowledge the wonderful things people do.  We are so quick to say, ‘what’s wrong’, and slow to really recognise and praise what’s right.  If you start off looking for the sun you shall find it.


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