Mother Nature This March

05 February 2020

Alex Hurt Weavers’ House Spa Director explores how we should treat mother nature this March


She’s angry, isn’t she?  She seems frustrated with us all.  We haven’t been behaving ourselves, taking care of our own households (planet Earth) and now she’s really annoyed. Mother nature, omnipresent has made a stand.  Enough, enough already.  This unbelievable planet, and the intricacies of its life-force systems, are now drastically at risk because we have neglected to care for it.  So many times we have been warned, and now we are all on the naughty step.

Our beautiful world, rain forests, oceans, eco-systems are all at risk from man.  We are destroying our home and our earth mother is making a stand.  It’s time to stop thinking it’s someone else’s issue, it’s time to stop talking about it and start acting on it.

We want to nurture our mothers, support them, recognise everything they do for us and most of all appreciate them.  This Mother’s Day in an ode to our beautiful planet I urge you all to do one thing for the environment.  If we all do one thing it will make a significant difference.  If you don’t already recycle, then start - it’s not hard it just takes some organising. Consider the cleaning products and detergents you use at home.  Most supermarkets do an eco-range and, in my experience, they smell amazing! Plastic bags are so nineties…  bring your own bags is so where it’s at.

A step further is to look at what you eat, the meat industry attributes to mass deforestation, and the forests are essentially the lungs of our beautiful planet.  Not only are we sacrificing our trees, but the methane produced by cattle in vast quantity seriously upsets the atmosphere - and not just because of the aroma! Look at the meat you eat and where it comes from.  Is it locally sourced, locally kept and fed all the nutrients it should be?  Consider meat free Mondays… or any day during the week.

By us all being aware, and a willingness to change for the good of our planet, we can start to appease mother nature.  At Weavers’ we are proud to partner with Temple Spa.  It’s their 20th birthday this year and their focus is absolutely on sustainability.  From the reduction in packaging, lids and spatulas, to the types of plastic and paper used, I can proudly confirm that we are working with a skincare company with a conscience.  Not only Temple Spa, but our other suppliers are also on-board with relaxing our anxious planet and helping the industry find ways of being kinder to mother nature as well as being kind to you and your skin.

Wellness with a conscience is where its all at, we will be making subtle changes within the spa throughout the year, because we love our planet and we want to keep our earth mother happy.  

To keep all our Spa Mama’s happy, we have the perfect spa time treat. Spoil mum with a half day’s indulgence beginning with Breakfast at Brasserie 487 - The Weavers’ Breakfast includes smashed avocado, grilled tomato and two poached eggs on toast. We’ll loan mum a fluffy white gown for two hours of relaxation at the spa including our heated vitality pool, steam, sauna and relaxation lounges, then polish it all off with a Power Breakfast Facial to refresh, renew, firm, tighten and smooth the skin so mum can glow and go! Our March mama offer 'Spa Beds and Breakfast' is £60 per person and subject to availability.


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