Dare To Be Bare This Summer

04 March 2019

Has summer come early this year? At Weavers’ House Spa the sun has broken through, with many of our clients soaking up the sun on our spa terrace. We all know that sunshine is good for our soul, and it can be good for your skin too if you tan slowly and safely. We want to make sure your tanning is safe tanning, so we’ve shared some top tips for achieving a safe tan – be it natural or with some help from liquid sunshine in a bottle.


A Safe Sun Tan

Apply your SPF to exfoliated skin 30 minutes before stepping into the sun.

Don a large brimmed sunhat and shades.

Use SPF 30 as this filters 97% of UVB rays… Pay special attention to the chest and face, and don’t forget your back.

Reapply your SPF after a dip in the water, or as directed.

Tan slowly and build up a lasting tan, avoid midday sun and tan for a maximum of 3 hours… staying all day in the sun is likely to give you a sunburn and not a suntan.

Keep a big bottle of water nearby, and stay hydrated.

Keep moisturised after bronzing your skin, to avoid peeling and maintain an even tan.

Don’t forget to exfoliate too – your tan will fade more naturally.


Liquid Sun

Pay attention and there will be zero streaks!

Wax or shave prior to any tanning application.

Exfoliate everywhere you want to tan, and pay special attention to the knees, elbows, heels and hands (oh and around your bra straps). We love Temple Spa’s Sugar Buff – with olive oil, figs and pomegranate it’s the most luscious exfoliator for silky skin

Once you have rinsed off your exfoliator buff over the skin with a dry mitt or face towel – remove any excessive exfoliator from the skin.

Moisturise – be liberal over the heels, knees, elbows and hands (and again around your bra straps). Temple Spa’s Duvet body cream envelops you in pure moisture leaving you super smooth.

Use a barrier cream or Vaseline over eyebrows and your hair line, this is to avoid a blotch application in those areas.

Apply your self tan. We recommend Sol Mate from Temple Spa as it delivers a build-able, believable and healthy tan. Always use gloves to apply your tan, allow it to dry before dressing and make sure you wear loose clothes to bed.

Tanning hands and feet: we would recommend mixing your self tan with a moisturiser for a natural glow.

Use your Sol Mate every other day, to maintain your glow.

If you would prefer to let the experts at Weavers’ do it for you, you are in luck!  Throughout June, in preparation for the bikini season we are offering our Sol Survivor 75 minute fully body tanning treat for £78 with a complimentary Temple Spa Travel Kit worth £25 – perfect for your summer getaway.


Call us on 01787 246 246 or email us on weavers@theswanatlavenham.co.uk for your sunless tan!

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