Natural Skincare Remedies

04 March 2019

Go Botanical!

We’re in the midst of a well-being revolution and there’s never been a better time for healthy eating and all things organic.  With summer upon us, make the most of the warmer days and venture into your garden to whip up some spa-worthy natural skincare remedies. We’ve selected a  few recipes to help inspire you…


Balancing Basil Mask

Known for its antiseptic properties, basil helps to ward off breakouts, soothe the skin and help with circulation. Fill a jar with basil (wash the leaves first) and cover with honey – for a touch of luxury try Manuka. Leave at room temperature for a week, then mix with a white cosmetic clay. Apply this decongesting mask to your T-zone and other problematic areas to balance out the skin (avoid the eyes). Leave the mask on for 20 minutes. Remember to always exfoliate first to remove the dry and dead skin cells!


Miracle Marigold Mask

Calendula is great for healing and soothing sensitive skin. If you are lucky enough to have calendula flowers in your garden (often known as marigolds), handpick, fill a jar and cover with honey (again, if you can, try Manuka).  Allow to steep for a week, then strain and mix equal parts with green, pink or white cosmetic clay. Apply the mask for 20 minutes.


Balmy Sleep Syrup

Lemon balm is an easy to grow herb with relaxing properties that are helpful for soothing frayed nerves. Place about 3/4 cup lemon balm leaves into a small cooking pot and add enough water to just cover the leaves. Simmer, covered partially, until the liquid has reduced by half. Strain out and compost the leaves. While still quite warm, measure out about 1/2 cup of the concentrated tea and stir 1/4 cup raw honey into it. Add more honey to taste, if you wish. You can make larger or smaller batches – keeping a ratio of about 2 parts lemon balm infusion to 1 part honey. Store in the refrigerator for a week or so. Dose by the spoonful at night to help calm and relax everyone from children to adults. (Keeping in mind that honey should not be given to infants under one year old.)


Mint Bath Salts

Bath salts make a quick & easy gift. This fun mint variation is especially helpful at relieving sore, tired muscles. Pick several fresh mint leaves. Spread out on a paper towel and let air dry for about two or three days, until crumbly. Mix 1 cup Epsom salt with several crushed, dried leaves. Rub them through a fine mesh sieve to ensure that the pieces are small enough not to be a nuisance in the tub drain. Usually the scent of the dried herb/flower is enough to scent bath salts, but you can also add a few drops of peppermint essential oil, if you’d like a stronger scent. Store in a tightly capped jar. To use: Sprinkle in your bath while the water is running –  and breathe in deeply to inhale that invigorating scent… muscle rescue in a jar!


Please note: This post is intended to provide inspiration. Please use your own judgement when using natural ingredients.

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