How Energy Affects us all

27 August 2019

Weavers’ House Spa Director Alex Hurt explores how energy affects us all


You can’t see it, but you feel it. That invisible power, that is the lifeforce of the planet. We throw the word ‘energy’ around, without truly understanding the meaning. Energy works with our physical, emotional and psychological form. We exchange it, we breathe it and we say it… but who is receiving it? Energy is transferred from one life force to another, and is neither good nor bad.

We are all receptive to energy, some more than others. You don’t need to wave around patchouli incense to sense energy, it’s something that we naturally do. For example, if you meet someone new, you shake their hand and you’re instantly drawn to them, you can feel their motivation, the energy buzzing around them – like a busy bee they’re on high vibration and you can catch their feelings. In comparison, you meet the next person, you shake their hand and instantly you start to feel antagonised, their words and their actions are questionable as to their intent. Their vibrations smaller… closer to their body, tighter or potentially flat and depleted.

Over the years, I have noticed that more and more people want something that I have - my energy. When you are grounded, open, positive and a great listener you will vibrate high and wide. These vibes can be felt before you walk into a room, and linger long after you leave. A presence, as it’s often called. For those in need of an energy boost and functioning on low vibrations, they will be magnetically attracted to those on a higher vibrational level. They’ll absorb what you’re having, but what happens to you, and your feelings? Your vibrations deplete, you feel fatigued, and overwhelmed.

I challenge you to think now of people in your life, and the value that they bring. Do they make you feel good? Do they make your life happier and more fulfilled? Life is always going to be somewhat monotonous, but it’s the in-betweens, the adventures and the colour that people bring that makes life stand out. Think about the words that leave your lips, think about the words of others. Are you surrounding yourself with the right kind of people… your tribe?

When you are faced with a conversation that isn’t good for you, stand back. You may have a need to find your own space, and if you concentrate you may feel their energy hit yours. You may instantly feel anxious, depleted and feel the emotion just under your rib cage. If you could match a colour to the words leaving the others lips, what would that be? Imagine you can see the energy leaving them, would you want to absorb it?

Fill your life with as much light as you can, for there are dark times for us all. Choose who you invite into your life, what you accept and love yourself enough that when someone’s energy doesn’t sit well or serve you - walk away. For those who feel immersed in others energy, it must move on. Take a long walk, and give it back. Energy is meant to ebb and flow… don’t keep it but let it go.

At Weavers’ we work daily with your energy, infusing it, charging it and balancing it so you can flow when you leave us and return to reality.

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