Massage Re-Visited

26 July 2019

Weavers’ House Spa Director Alex Hurt – Massage Re-Visited


So, massage…? Oh yes please, I can hear many say! The spa industry is exploding with spas as we all get to grips with taking greater care of ourselves - inside and out. Why is it that everyone is more stressed out than ever? Or are we? Perhaps it’s simply because we talk about it more now. Mental health, well-being and exercise are all hot topics.

Let’s ‘un learn’ what we know about massage, strip it bare and talk about why we need it in the first place.

Awareness - how are you sat or standing right now? Roll with me a moment and close your eyes, feel where your tension is - are you rolling your shoulders yet or stretching out your limbs? Perhaps you’re massaging your jaw, or already applying pressure to your brows and temples? The thing is, that when you just stop, take a moment and focus on you, then you can truly feel where you are tense.

Emotional stress - life deals out an interesting hand and sometimes it can bring a storm and other times a rainbow. Emotional stress is the most exhausting of all, and we all handle it a different way- and many don’t handle it at all.  In fact, we don’t think it exists- until it manifests in our actions, our thoughts or even our health. 

Physical pain - are you ignoring that niggle in your lower back from driving? Those crunchy shoulders up by your ears from endless hours sat typing at your desk or are your legs feeling heavy after being on your feet? What do you do about it?  Perhaps a glass of wine in the evening, coupled with a flick through Netflix?

How are you helping yourself? I know a long walk for me does wonders, accompanied by my daily meditation - but that’s my field, my industry - and my bag, and it may not be yours. Perhaps you exercise, cook, paint or even write to find an outlet to release any mental pressures?

Massage- Revisited

It’s not all about twinkly music and a few pieces of bamboo in the corner, nor is it about beating you up with our elbows. We have advanced somewhat since the ‘health club era’ of the eighties and these days it’s all about a bespoke, individual experience. 

We are now far more self-aware of what we need and where we need it. Gone are the days of a standard Swedish massage, we are all calling out for something tailored something different and an experience that we to some extent can control.

What can a massage offer you in 2019? Time… dedicated to you, no disturbances, but one therapist to work on how you are feeling. Yes, you can tell us and no we won’t judge you. You can share if you are anxious, if you are scared or apprehensive and it’s certainly not uncommon for us to have clients that are in a bad mood. In our spa world, feelings are what we deal with, work through and work out… ’In a massage I hear you think’. Yes! 

A massage not only promotes healthy circulation, sending oxygen to your vital organs, it also stimulates your lymphatic system to rid the body of unwanted toxins, whilst releasing hormones to relax you both physically and emotionally. A medium pressured massage, with just enough pressure in your areas of tension can leave you on the verge of a nap. A more intense massage on a regular basis can break down those naughty knots that cause you pain and discomfort. Yes, it’s possible to get rid of your knots, but not in just one session - so book in a course.

You get one body, and it’s not only about what we put into it, it’s what we get out of it. Massage is no longer that luxury reserved for holidays and special occasions, it’s about dealing with life. So if you have read this, love the idea but can’t seem to give yourself the priority, think again. There’s only one of you.

Go Coco-Nutty in August with our tropical stay-cation of a treatment. 

Pay for a 60 minute Coco-Nutty full body massage and we will give you 30 mins extra and use of our Outdoor Vitality Pool, Steam, Sauna and Relaxation Lounges (yes that’s right a 90 mins treatment for the price of 60 mins).


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