Introducing New Spa Memberships...

13 June 2019

Weavers’ House Spa Director Alex Hurt explains how to use their spa facilities and introduces new spa memberships


How do you use our steam, sauna and vitality pool? - We may say this is completely up to you, however here’s the heads up to spa like a spa-connoisseur.

Shower - Yes, you need to shower first to remove any excessive oils, creams and products. Also remove any jewellery that may overheat and either burn you or be restricted by swelling.

Drink - Yes, (not bubbly) water! Alcohol will dehydrate you, and as you are about to overheat we strongly recommend if you have had a drink, or are planning to, then avoid using the sauna and steam room. It’s important to drink a glass or two of water prior to using any heated facilities, and then to drink water throughout.

Swimwear - Yes, ours are shared facilities, therefore a bathing suit is absolutely required. 

Which order should I go? - This is entirely up to you.

The Steam Room - Recommended for anyone with respiratory problems as this opens everything up, so you could try this first. A steam room can be a little overwhelming at first, so take it easy and ensure you are comfortable.  Our steam room is at 48 degrees Celsius, but you will always find that it’s not as hot as a sauna. However, the 100% humidity in a steam room can make everything feel a little more intense.

It will take between 5-15 minutes for you to start sweating profusely, which is when the benefit of detox kicks in. Sweating out the toxins and allowing the skin to breathe. Only stay in there as long as you are comfortable. We wouldn’t recommend any longer than 15 minutes at a time. In between have a cool-warm shower, drink some water and head to…

The Sauna - Ours is 86 degrees Celsius. As heat rises, the higher benches are hotter. To increase the heat further pour water onto the hot coals concealed in the bench. It is etiquette in a sauna to place a clean towel down and lie on it, and if you are a rookie then take a lower bench nearer the door. Again, no longer than 15 minutes is recommended and then head back to the showers. We don’t recommend a cold shower, as this is a shock to the body, rather go for cool and then on to…

The Vitality Pool - Heated at 39 degrees and open all year around, the outdoor spa pool is frequented by lots of guests. Nestled into our terrace, it can take up to six people and we recommend showering before and after to avoid build up of oils and creams. This is ideal before a full body massage to allow the jets to massage and heat the muscles before treatment. There are also dials on either side of the pool that will increase or decrease the pressure of the jets.

Once you have completed one round of the spa facilities, try another… literally rinse and repeat your way to relaxation and detoxification. To finish off we recommend you slowly cool down and allow the heat to leave your body. Why not further chill out on our rocking loungers on the terrace and watch the world go by. All of our spa memberships include use of the spa facilities.


This July we have introduced an additional three new spa memberships!  

Cashgora - Twice as nice for pairs that spa together at £150 per month per pair.

Weavers’ Welcome - Having commitment issues? Try our three-month starter membership at £150 (pre-paid).

Hot Mama - For the long stretch (without the marks). From the second trimester experience three months of mama and baby TLC at £100 per month. This is the PERFECT gift!

Our spa facilities are available for £25 per person, or inclusive if you are staying with us at The Swan Hotel or have a treatment for 90 minutes or more (two hours’ use is permitted only).

For more details about our memberships or visiting Weavers’ House Spa call us on 01787 246 246, or email us using the contact form below

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