Summer Skin and Bumpy Bits

23 May 2019

Weavers’ House Spa Director Alex Hurt celebrates summer skin and bumpy bits


Are we ever bikini ready? What does that even mean? Surely this is not only a quick visit to the spa or salon, but an actual state of mind. Think about it… baring all on a beach or poolside takes confidence.  How many of us are actually happy with our body?

In the world of spa, our mission is to make you feel good inside and out, and body image is something that most people are conscious of. However, what about those people that are completely confident in their own skin? Exuding a breezy approach to skimpy swimwear, and just going with the flow.  How liberating.

So, here we are celebrating every bump, curve and roll, let’s get you ready for the summer sun, smoother skin and a spring in your step as you strut out onto that sandy beach.

First things first do you body brush?

Body brushing is an essential part of any body care routine, and the best part of it is… once you have bought one if you look after it, you’ll never have to buy a new one again.  Make sure that you choose a brush with natural bristles, wash it once a week in liquid soap and dry it in sunlight bristles down.

Why do you need to body brush?  This is the best way to stimulate blood and lymphatic flow, pushing the toxins through the body and flushing them out through your lymphatic nodes.  Body brush daily towards the heart before a shower. You will see a visible result with smoother less dimply skin, but it’s also brilliant for varicose veins and broken capillaries and maintaining the health of your circulatory system.

Secondly, exfoliate at least twice a week 

The largest organ we have is our skin, daily we absorb all kinds through the skin, and every night it regenerates itself.  Sloughing away dry and dead skin is imperative for cell renewal and absorption. Exfoliating will help reduce underlying bumps on the backs of the legs and arms and it’s always recommended before any type of hair removal. Exfoliate in the shower in an upwards direction, increasing blood flow.  Use a shower buff if your exfoliator creams up, alternatively, if it’s more of a salty/sugar scrub use before a shower or bath adding a little oil for more slip.  Salt scrubs are recommended for dry skin, but not for sensitive, sugar scrubs are great for normal skin and exfoliating gloves are great for everyone.

Thirdly, drench your skin in moisture

Whether you are planning to tan on the beach, out of a bottle, or not at all, a soft moisturised skin is a healthy skin.  Make moisturising part of your daily pamper ritual and you’ll find yourself ‘wowed’ by the difference that it makes. Even cellulite looks better!  Soft skin gives you a renewed love for giving yourself a dose of TLC… you are definitely worth investing both the time and the energy.

Finally, add some sass.  Remember that it’s all about the way you feel.  So, if you want to don a kaftan poolside - do it.  Keep a sarong at the ready if you are thigh shy, but always carry your confidence and embrace everything womanly about yourself!

Sculpt and tone with us in June with our ‘Go Figure Body Detox’ for that little bit of extra help getting ready for the summer. This 60-minute treatment uses targeted techniques and specialised ingredients to detoxify the hips, thighs and abs for a lighter feel and smoother skin.  You also have a full size Go Figure sculpting gel to take home and two hours use of our heated outdoor vitality pool, steam, sauna and relaxation lounges. All for just £96 - lush!


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