Spa-ing Post Lockdown

05 April 2021

Weavers’ House Spa Director, Alex Hurt takes us on a discovery of their

re-opening and what it will mean ‘to spa’ post lockdown..

We believe that we are all different versions of ourselves after the last year. Most of us have re-evaluated our lifestyle and relationships making our lives simpler, re-organising our houses and our thoughts. As we dive into ‘The new world’, we must consider what we are packing to take with us.


When we give a warm springtime welcome to our guests returning to Weavers’, we know that this time… it’s different. We all want something to look forward to, a date in the diary. Both rural and coastal hospitality will be bustling with Brits this year, exploring our own hidden gems up and down the country. It’s been a hard slog, and the latest lockdown has tested even the strongest of us.  In fact, we would go so far as saying if you haven’t been ‘affected’ by the pandemic in some way you are the minority. 


Before our spa team returned to work, they have been working on unpacking any anxieties. We know that our guests can’t wait to have some ‘me time’ and we need to ensure we are prepared to soothe and support you in your wellness quest.  Well-being has been woven into our lives over the last year, and we’ve needed it.  From podcasts to meditation, it’s becoming main stream and essential to daily life.


Over the last few months, we have been sprucing up the spa, and using the downtime to freshen up with a lick of paint and launch a BRAND NEW ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM. A slick and quick way to secure your spa time with us, available on our website. This will make scheduling your tranquil time a smoother process. All payments will be completed online… so have your card at the ready.


As we need to dig a little deeper into everyone’s reason for visiting us, we aim to assess how you are feeling and the lasting effects of lockdown on your well-being with a pre-treatment questionnaire. This will allow us fully to assess your needs and ability to truly relax, so that the treatments can be tailored just for you. This will be emailed prior to your treatment and we ask its returned in plenty of time.  We believe that to create a sublime exclusive experience, we must focus on how you are feeling.  Weavers’ takes time to understand, and we believe this is key in providing a unique spa experience.


When we open the doors, we will be offering our Re-Invention Spa Treatment Menu.  A selection of our most popular treatments with a 90 minute or 120 minute duration. We believe that there is no shortcut to Nirvana, and therefore a longer treatment not only hits the spot, but it also ensures your space in the spa, reduces noise and contact - all important in a pandemic.


As the year progresses there will be changes in our offerings based on Government guidelines. You can expect some new treatment additions, along with a brand-new product offering. Exciting times ahead of us and WELLNESS is key for Weavers’.

Whilst we find our balance, we will offer a limited selection of both alcoholic and soft drinks and healthy snacks at the spa. Afternoon teas, brunches and lunches won’t be available just yet… however we’ve a brand-new head chef… and there will be some seriously sensational additions to our spa food offerings soon!


So, if you’re looking for a comforting spa touch, a professional hand in your skincare regime, a scrub a dub dub to slough away that dry skin for summer, or some soothing TLC, we can’t wait to welcome you back to your spa home.

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