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01 October 2021

It's been quite the ride hasn't it? There’s been a shift in the way we think, the way we act and in our priorities. Over the last few months we have noticed our clients need something more. The pandemic has highlighted to humanity that we need to stop, and inwardly focus on our own wellbeing. To put ourselves first, to enhance our quality of life, our relationships and most of all our mental and physical health.

"After all, if we don't focus on our 'wellness' we will be forced to make time for our 'illness" (Joyce Sunada).

Weavers’ partners with brands that speak to our soul. Ethically sourced and quality ingredients to deliver an unforgettable guest experience. Our specially selected spa partners are held in high regard, as those behind the brands are passionate about people too. We choose to partner with a brand based on their core values for our planet, our people and our own mantra. That's why we continue to partner with Temple Spa and why we have also introduced a new signature treatment and a range of products from TRIBE517.

Tribe517, a collection of ethical loveliness. The alchemy in the base ingredients in these tribal wonder treatments are premium grade, natural, fairly traded and organic wherever possible. Environmentally conscious – these are vegetarian, planet friendly products. Safe for the planet - the products are vegetarian, planet friendly skin food. Safe for the planet and safe for you. Bees, Honey and Beeswax Tribe517 respect the rights of Bees to wild-harvest at their leisure and to produce honey at their own speed.

Our new treatment menu includes our new TRIBE517 treatment - It's Going To Be Okay, with the option of two journeys, dependant on how you are feeling. We’ve also introduced new treatment chapters (packages), and treatment tool kits that can be added on to your treatments (under 'extras' when you check out your cart if you are booking online). This allows you to curate your own treatments.

The Cure - is the name of our treatment offering. Now solely focusing on wellbeing, we take a deep dive into how we can support you in spa and at home. Our curated selection of treatments is designed to work with you, how you are feeling and working towards a 'cure'.

The breakdown of The Cure and our new treatments

Body - Take your pick from our array of amazing treatments, our body treatments are split into the following sections: Soft to medium massage, Firm to a deep massage, Restore which includes reiki and body scrub treatments and the treatment tool kit which has been designed to enhance your massage with us by adding one of them to curate your own spa experience.

Face - Our therapeutic facial collection from Temple Spa is designed to give you vigour from the inside out. Treat yourself and melt away with our collection of facial treatments.

Packages - Our trademark treatments will leave you feeling incredible from head to toe with a selection of fabulous package experiences, ranging from 90 minutes up to 4 hours.
As well as facility only packages.

Pregnancy - Pre-natal massage is a speciality; Weavers’ therapists have a separate certification in pregnancy massage and offer five simply stunning treatments for mum-to-be from the second trimester onwards. Treatments are done with the award-winning product range basq NYC.

Hands & Feet - Manicure and pedicures galore!


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We have increased our prices as of October 1st, 2021. We hope you understand, as over the last two years we have absorbed the rising product costs without a change in price. Weavers' prides itself on the 'little extras' and goes that little bit further; long will this continue.

Our memberships have changed too! Offering further discounts on treatments, as well as a change in treatments included in the memberships with a greater selection, plus free gifts on joining or for an annual payment.


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We are very excited about our new treatments, and we just know you will love them too!

Spa-aaahhh you soon x

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