Surviving Christmas

05 March 2019

Dinners, parties, shopping and socialising… oh, what a month!  Make the festive season more manageable with our 12 days of Christmas recovery tips and tricks from our Spa Guru.


1) Sleep!

Get it where and whenever you can. When you cut down on the zzz’s you become HANGRY(angry and hungry !  Get a minimum of 6 hours, make sure you don’t dose up on caffeine post 6pm and we love the Scentered Balm- Sleep Well!  This sleep stick of 20 different aromatherapy oils blended into 1 handbag sized tube is your absolute sleep fix.  They also make the best stocking fillers! Scentered Sleep Well Balm- £14.50


Simples-you heard it, water! For every glass of bubbly you have, try a glass of water. Not only will your head thank you the next day, but so will your skin. We are 70% water, let’s keep it that way. Keep our skin, eyes and organs intact, so we can continue party through the season looking fabulous!

3) Cleansing

We know how tempting it is after a late night not to whip out a wipe to remove the contouring and cat eyes… BUT… a clean skin is a happy skin. Wake up without racoon eyes, and cleanse with Temple Spa Be Gone. This bedtime treat of unctuous cream makes for the most enjoyable cleansing, either with water or cotton wool. Don’t forget to tone and moisturise!  Temple Spa’s -Be Gone £20

4) Energise

After a long day at work, and a busy night ahead go home and energise. ‘In Good Spirits’ oil from Temple Spa- is the battery recharge you need. Simply apply before your shower to your upper body, then let the steam and water turn your shower into aromatherapeutic heaven. Post-shower apply another layer to moisturise. Packed with lemon, mandarin and orange peel, this citrus blend will not fail to energise you. Temple Spa’s In Good Spirits £25

5) Scrub-a dub dub

Revive a dull and tired skin with a power mask and exfoliant. Slough away a rough night, with a Power Breakfast morning facial scrub and leave it on to mask away the night before.  Temple Spa’s Power Breakfast £27

6) Aroma Power

Had a party and need to bring some zen to your home? Wilkin’s and Sons make the most long-lasting aroma’s in a lifestyle collection with their candles and diffusers. We have the mini candles available just for Christmas in Morello Cherry, Quince and Mulberry at only £5 each. They not only make the best pillow gifts, they smell spectacular throughout the whole house!

7) All eyes on you

Eliminate eye bags with cold tea spoons. Yes, you read correctly! Pop 2 tea spoons in the fridge, then in the morning apply the back of the tea spoons to under your eyes. Also, try putting your eye creams in the fridge. Bags don’t like the cold!

8) Chapped hands

Even in the woolliest of gloves with the cold weather wrapping itself around our fingers, December is prime time for chapped hands. Rosi Skin Food is our lifesaver… the miracle organic balm is designed to soothe the most sensitive skins. Ideal for anyone that has super dry skin, eczema or psoriasis. This comforting blend is an award winner and life saver! Rosi Skin Food 15 ml £7

9) Shower Simple

Get your overnight bag packed with a Spongellie travel infused spongette. The alternative on- the- go shower gel and sponge duo. Choose from the popular Papaya, Honey Blossom, Coconut and many more. They also look great on a Christmas tree! Spongellie Travel Spongettes £ 6.50

10) Bubble-licious

Restore yourself on a night in with Restitude luxe bath soak from Temple Spa. Say spa-aaahhh in the comfort of your own home with this dreamy bath blend. Temple Spa’s Restitude £18

11) Pick me up!

It’s 3pm, and you’re on a mince pie low. You’re about to reach for a caffeine fix and STOP! Focus, yes, Focus. Focus is the Scentered Balm de Jour. The bad boy balm is a blend of Rosemary, Clary Sage and Mint and this will kick start your senses into the afternoon without a coffee in sight… we promise, this is tried tested and possibly over used by the Spa Guru herself!  Scentered Focus Balm £14.50

12) Time Out

When it all gets too much, the family are all encompassing, the heating’s on and you can’t eat another thing… leave. Not forever, but take some time out. Don on your wellies, and take a walk through the gorgeous Suffolk countryside. Breathe from deep down in your tummy, clear your mind and ‘just be’ in your own space.


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