Exploring The True Meaning Of Christmas Spirit

05 March 2019

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

The Christmas buzz is upon us. We have entered the shorter days, longer nights and everyone’s thinking about gifts. If you ask most people what the festive season means to them, it’s ‘gifts’ and family. After a lazy day off and watching a marathon of Christmas movies (which was bliss), it got me thinking… what can I do to make a difference this Christmas?


The festive season

Mainly reserved for children, it’s the most magical time for those who are surrounded by friends and family. However, for those away from home, the lonely or for those with ill health, this season is simply a reminder of what they don’t have. Christmas is a celebration, a time for giving and not simply a day we exchange gifts. The spirit of Christmas is in the ‘togetherness’, it’s in the thought to which you put into thinking about others, it’s a selfless time, where we forgive, take stock of what’s important and become ‘better’ versions of ourselves. It’s the universal ‘feel good’ factor for those that aren’t a Scrooge, and even if you don’t celebrate it, you can’t help but feel the love.

At this time of the year, our fundamentals kick in and we upgrade to a strict moral compass. We become more charitable, more accepting and generous with both gifts and emotions. Undoubtedly these principals should be present all year round, however, there’s something about the season, and connectivity to your neighbours, being social and sharing with others. Traditionally we bake for others and gift food… at what other time do we do this and why is this simply reserved for Christmas? It’s a sense of community, a social structure that we follow, and we simply do what others do… so let it be doing good!

This festive season let’s make a difference to someone that needs us. Recognise the need in others, and it’s not all about the money, it could be helping them to do their shopping, taking time to talk, to be there, taking them to visit family, cooking for them or inviting them in for a festive feast. Volunteer and visit the elderly, help the homeless or closer to home; visit family that you haven’t seen in a long time. Write a letter… a real one in pen and everything… and not a -send to all by email! Be personal, get personal and get real.


At the spa…

Christmas is a busy time for Weavers’ as when you are on holiday, you love to relax and see us. Our team will be working over the silly season to soothe your ‘mornings after’ and to put the sparkle into your steps for the new year. Weavers’ is at heart, a family, we will be celebrating amongst the team, with chocolates and Christmas cheer. Our home away from home, we are here for each other and for you, to be a listening ear and balance you once more.

On behalf of the team here at Weavers’, we wish you a wonderful Christmastime. We believe that the Christmas spirit is in us all, you just have to awaken it.

Weavers’ House Spa is open throughout the holidays, although we are taking 25th December off to celebrate. We recommend booking in advance on 01787 246 246 or email us weavers@theswanatlavenham.co.uk.

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