Find Your Spirit Goals

05 March 2019

An abundance of professional women are now reassessing and kicking their inner boss, and CEO Empire to the curb, because ‘more more more’ just isn’t filling their spirit cup!

How we measure our lives is often a comparison to others, or to what society deems appropriate. This isn’t and shouldn’t be the case, however many of us feel the pressure to climb the ladder and keep on climbing. It’s time to say – enough! (although we can always wriggle out of our comfort zone when we want to spice it up). To stand still, enjoy your work and equally live a balanced life is both possible and acceptable, and a choice many career women are now making.

Our life’s mission is simple – happiness. It’s time to stand still and really detox our lives, decide what makes our soul shine, belly laugh and heart sing.

Below is a journey to take your mind and evaluate what’s really important to you.

Lie or sit down, turn off your phone, quieten your thoughts. Breathe deep from your tummy, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Stay focused on your breathing.

Imagine you are lying on a white sandy beach, the aqua blue sea with sparkling crest waves, gently lapping the shore.

There’s a treasure box next to you, fill it with what’s most important (spiritually) to you. What would you put inside? I’m going to hazard a guess here and say time with the people you care about, the places you enjoy visiting, your home, and the way it makes you feel. The contents of your treasure box only you truly know. I prompt you to ask yourself how much time you spend feeding your soul, doing the things you enjoy.

Lock that treasure box, with your key and take it back to reality with you. Life very seldom pans out the way we planned. We control what we can, we dream and many of us work towards our goals. Living a meaningful life has great rewards, so try not to get too wrapped up in the rat race, in other’s expectations and do what’s right for you.

When you stop to think and drown out the noise that buzzes through your busy mind in this digital world, its old-fashioned values that count. Turn your buzz into a purr, figure out what’s important and find your spirit goals.

At Weavers’ House Spa we invite you to spend time, be it by yourself or in the company of others. Switch off for an hour or two, spend your time in tranquillity, in your own space and time. Zone out, and zone in on what you need. Reflect, relax and forget the stresses.

Book time with our therapists for 90 minutes or more and enjoy complimentary use of our heated vitality pool, steam, sauna and relaxation lounges for two hours before or after your treatment. For total relaxation try our House Spa Packages starting at £105 per person.

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