Rescuing Superheroes!

05 March 2019

The ‘super powers’ of parenting and the need for ‘adult time’.


As a well-travelled career woman thus far I’ve dodged the responsibilities of parenting. With the big four-oh approaching, most of my friends, I am learning, are now superheroes! Particularly after spending the weekend catching up with my childhood bestie, who is doing the obligatory parental visit, and has managed to navigate her other half and two children under the age of three from New Zealand. A 24-hour flight with two kids is no holiday.

After not even one full day at playing auntie, and experiencing the post night exhaustion of my friend due to being up all night with the kids (time difference doesn’t help), I can honestly say “I just don’t know how she does it’! Stealing conversation and catch up, whilst making a cup of earl grey she confessed how she longed for a child free spa day... or even a few hours.

It dawned on me, that although I’d very much like a family, I do take for granted my ‘me time‘. With barely five minutes alone, my friend manages to conjure up a matching outfit, apply a dusting of makeup and crack on with the needs of her adorable children.

After lunch and a visit to the park, with a splitting headache she was just powering on through.  Now, my superhero bestie needed some relaxation STAT!

Right on cue healing hands at the ready I got to work on her knots, squeezing out the tension over the neck and shoulders to ease her headache. This was right where I needed to be, and probably the best gift ever to share.

When she travels back next year, my friend made me promise we would go for a spa day… child free. Time, it seems is invaluable, as are lifelong friends, massage and some TLC, no matter how old you are.

At Weavers’ we welcome exhausted parents to take some time out. Let us look after you – be it an hour, or get lost on a demi spa day… hear the hush, and no rush. Select any treatment and opt to have it with your nearest and dearest in our couple’s suite, or perhaps you would like some alone time in your own private room.

Why not get 6-10 of your friends together for a Call it a Night package.  This exclusive hire of the spa includes a one-hour treatment each and a glass of bubbly with unlimited access to our outdoor vitality pool, steam, sauna and relaxation lounges. The perfect catch up in idyllic serene surroundings to recharge your superhero batteries and take some serious time out.


Our Call it a Night package is available on request Monday to Friday 5-9pm from £105 per person. Add that extra touch with a selection of delectable canapés from £7.50 per person.


With your treatments and exclusive use of the facilities why not stay with us? From £200 per person we can arrange for High Tea in Weavers’ and a one night stay at the adjoining Swan at Lavenham Hotel with a full Suffolk breakfast.

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