A Day In The Life Of A Spa Therapist

05 March 2019

It takes a certain type of person to be a therapist. They’re most likely to be an empath, as they spend their days purely focused on others. Being a therapist myself, and working amongst teams of therapists from all over the world, I can honestly say we are an emotional lot!  Client-centric in every way, we are always focused on how to make our clients feel amazing, as that’s truly why we get out of bed in the morning.

Therapists need balance too, so how they start their day is reflective of how their treatments flow.  Preparation for treatments is key, knowing that they have created the spa haven you are expecting.  An atmospheric experience for all the senses is imperative for your spa treatments, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to give you the serenity you crave.


Laundry… oh, the laundry!

One client can generate so much; however, the trick is that you should never know.  We constantly quietly tip toeing around cleaning up and storing things in secret cupboards.  That’s another thing… it is rather a special talent of ours to try and do everything quietly.  Even the squeak of a door or chair puts us on edge, let alone if we accidentally drop something…and then we feel absolutely terrible (we can hear a pin drop)!

Before beginning our day, we will often ground ourselves, as we will be working with many clients we need to ensure that our energy is at its optimum.  Everyone has something going on, and ‘our some things’ need to be left at the door.  When we begin our treatments, we connect with our clients with touch, breathing in sync and moving to the music in harmony.   As we work, our minds focus on the area we are working on, often imagining the anatomy of the area and how we can heal it.


We treat with good intentions and send positive healing vibes.

There are times when we have an energy transfer, where we feel your energy.  This can feel fuzzy to you, like static; post treatment you may feel lighter, and more at ease.  For us, as therapists after each treatment, we flick our hands to remove the energy, as we can’t transfer that energy to our next client, or keep it.  We must cleanse it, so we are balanced for our next spa therapy.

Between each treatment, we quickly clear and prepare for our next client.  The messier the treatment, the more prep we need.  If you’re booked in for a body buff or a wrap we will have a plethora of hot mitts and towels at the ready, and you wouldn’t believe what we can achieve within the five minutes you take in the shower!


No one client is the same

Therapists get to make a difference because we work with feelings, both physical and emotional. We love what we do, and we love our regulars as we can see the difference we are making.  Yes, our backs do ache, but it’s worth it when you tell us… that’s the best treatment you ever had!


Weavers’ is your haven away from home, we are independent, bespoke and you are never a number to us.  Come and experience why we are one of Suffolk’s favourite spas.  Browse our treatments and you’ll be sure to find something you love.

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