Switch Off On Holiday And Maintain Your Zen On Return To Work

05 March 2019

It’s the summer season, and many of us are off to sunnier shores (even though we have been having the most amazing weather)!  After my recent weekend retreat to the not so sunny Ireland, I couldn’t help but question – after all the work prep beforehand, along with the aftermath of emails on my return, is it really worth it?


The answer, of course, is YES!

The feeling of being away from your everyday reality, a vacation free of your daily responsibilities is a tonic.  Drinking in a different view, breathing in the sea air and being present in the moment are just some of life’s pleasures.  And the delight of not having to set an alarm in the morning is a very welcome pause on a busy life.  When we eventually escape, once the out of office reply has been switched on, we’ve handed over our duties and finally made it out, then is the time to tune out of work, and into relaxation.


On average, it takes about 3-5 days to start unwinding

Which means that a fortnight away is the ideal length for your summer getaway.  Hard to do, but turn off your phone.  To truly relax you need to disconnect from your everyday life, have some real face time, and leave the stresses of home behind you.  Get lost in a book, or the art of conversation; that seems so underrated with the influence of social media these days.  Play games and peel back the walls that we build around us.  As you slowly feel the walls fall away, you start to feel more like yourself again, restoring vigour, positive mindset and a renewed outlook of what really does matter, and no longer just the white noise buzzing in our ears.


Time out is so important

Our lives can be hectic, we forget who we really are and we have no idea how tightly wound we can be. Holidays are often reflective, as you then have the time to explore what makes you happy and allows you to prioritise where you want to be.  I am sure we all have made some pretty radical promises when we are on holiday about our paths ahead, be it a lifestyle change, mixing it up at work or new-found interests, and that’s because those walls have crumbled and you have discovered who you are again.

By the time you have travelled the road of self-discovery, you find yourself back to work.  Now, this is where you need to put on the brakes.  Don’t undo the holiday feeling, don’t allow emails to increase stress levels, but take a different approach.


Making a change..

This is a blank page, a new chapter and this time you are going to manage your time differently.  Interact with your teams more, consider how you can be even better at what you do and take the time to breathe.  Fortunately for me, working in a spa I can reach for my own little piece of Zen… and that is my favourite aromatherapy balm by Scentered called ‘Escape’ with oud, frankincense and sandalwood. Stop – apply to pulse points – inhale deeply and reset your mood – for aromatherapy on the go – lush!


The Scentered range of travel-friendly aromatherapy balms is available in Weavers’ House Spa boutique at the Swan at Lavenham. For more details

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