Introducing Some ‘Sole Therapy’ And ‘Tension Tamers’

05 March 2019

So, we know for sure that reflexology has been around in China since 1870, however, historic evidence tells us solid proof was found on a pictograph painted on an Egyptian tomb in 2330 BC. This isn’t a fictitious wave of alternative therapy, this is the real deal.

It was identified through neurological studies that when painful reflexes were massaged, it caused the corresponding body part to heal faster.  Later in 1930’s Eunice Ingham developed the ‘Ingham Reflex Method of Compression Massage’, where she mapped out all of the reflex points we use to stimulate the reflexes today, with pressure massage moves to balance the body.

Voila- we have reflexology, that’s based on the areas on the feet, hands and ears that map out the nervous system to the corresponding parts of the body.  When pressure is given usually by the thumb (although can be done with a special stick), this then will stimulate energy along the nerve channels and will help restore balance and harmony to the body.

The Flow…

All systems in the body need to be working simultaneously to maintain your flow.  Stress, injury or illness can completely reprogram your body and cause an imbalance, thus making some areas of the body work harder to compensate.  In order to create balance and harmony, all reflex points should be worked on, however, if a certain point requires more attention and is imbalanced this can be treated with a series of 5 treatments, with one a week over the period of a month. Imbalances in the feet can be felt as crystals which vary in size from being like crunchy grains of sugar to whole cubes!  There are also visible signs of imbalance such as yellowing of the skin, hard skin and marks on the feet and even bunions. The odour, temperature and the moistness of the foot, is also part of the way the reflexologist will assess your feet. Our feet are far cleverer than we give them credit for!

Be clear; your reflexologist cannot diagnose health issues, nor should they.  The crunchy crystals will tell us where the blockages are, and by working on these areas we will increase the flow of energy and help whichever corresponding part of the body to heal.  Reflexology has been used traditionally for years to aid fertility, and even to bring on childbirth, there are endless benefits to be explored.

Your first treatment at Weavers’ would begin with an in-depth consultation.  It’s here that it’s important to share any health concerns that you have, so your reflexologist is aware and can work on any specific areas.  Then a treatment plan will be put together for you, and discussed in detail.  The experience begins with a foot cleansing ritual to clean and refresh your feet.  Then an assessment of your feet and followed by up to an hour of working out those crystals, get the energies moving and detoxifying the body.  This stimulating treatment is mainly relaxing, however, be prepared those crystals can be a little sensitive at times.  After your treatment, we suggest lots of water to flush out the toxins, stay away from the vino and a light meal!


Weavers’ welcomes

Natalie Johnson, an experienced Reflexologist and Holistic therapist to our spa family, and we can now offer reflexology with Natalie on request.  If you would like to schedule Reflexology with Natalie, we are offering a series of 5 sessions for the price of 4 or 60 mins Reflexology for £76.

You spoke, we listened

As we at Weavers’ like to listen to your feedback, not only have we introduced Reflexology, we also have introduced another 2 treatments to our already extensive spa menu.



‘The Rapid Rub’ 60/90 mins £76/£102

This much kneaded (pardon the pun) addition to our handpicked selection is our bespoke massage, targeting your areas of tension with our catalogue of massage techniques.  This treatment is uniquely designed for you, with a detailed consultation where you decide where we work.  Be it aching legs, overworked shoulders and arms, to tension headaches or stiffness/pain in your lower back.  Let us target your knots and iron out the stress, leaving you feeling lighter, more flexible and physically more relaxed.  And the intensity of pressure- totally up to you!

We recommend with ongoing areas of tension to schedule a series of 5 treatments, with the same therapist over a month, to really break down those knots and finally regaining your fluidity of movement again.


‘Tension Tamer’ 30 mins £49

The Weavers’ take on an Indian Head Massage, this holistic treatment focuses on your upper back, neck, shoulders and scalp.  Working with pressure points to open up the chakras, this helps to free blocked energy, stress and tension, leaving you feeling refreshed and revived- oh yes, please!


Extend your Tension Tamer with a side order of ‘Knead it’ for only £20 extra to target problem areas.


For more details & to book contact us:

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