Pampering For Mamas-To-Be

05 March 2019

You’re pregnant? Congratulations! For the next 9 months, you will be growing your very own human being and your body is no longer your own! Scary? We think so.

Throughout the months ahead, the hormones will be surging and your body will be working overtime to host your baby bump. Your skin will naturally stretch, and 75-90% of women will develop stretchmarks throughout their pregnancy (usually in the 7th month). You may be feeling sick, swollen and tired – and probably on a short fuse. Yes, it’s all going to be worth it, but in the meantime let us share our expert ‘know- how’ on making this magical time a little more ‘zen’.




First Trimester

Throughout the first trimester, it’s likely that you will feel pretty exhausted and be experiencing some cramping. Although some aromatherapy is off limits during pregnancy, Rosewood is the ideal essential oil to burn and balance those emotions, combined with a warm bath to soothe the soul.

It isn’t recommended to have a massage in those initial 3 months as this is ‘prime growing time’, however a facial can be incredibly relaxing and is totally safe.


Second Trimester

The second trimester and oh yes; you can get a massage. Who to trust? Pre-natal massage is a specialty; therefore, it needs to be researched and word of mouth is often your most reliable source.

A therapist will have a separate certification in pregnancy massage, and although not too different from a regular massage, the pressure will be soft to medium and you will most likely be lying on your side. Less pressure will be given on your lower back due to a complexity of nerve endings, feet and ankles. You can ask for a stronger pressure on the neck and shoulders, but beware – this will NOT BE A DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE!

Some therapists will even massage your baby bump, and expect your little one to wriggle and kick a little.


Third Trimester

The third trimester is perhaps what feels like an eternity. Everything has grown, and you can gain between 1-3kg, so you won’t be feeling svelte.

Throughout the pregnancy, it’s important to moisturise to ensure the skin grows with your bump and doesn’t stretch. Not everyone will experience stretchmarks; some doctors believe they are due to a higher production level of the hormone corticosteroid, which varies from person to person. This hormone decreases the amount of collagen in the skin – and collagen is what keeps skin supple! If you are going to get stretch marks- you will be seeing them around month seven, so get moisturising from the get go. We have an amazing range from Basq NYC that will see you right through your 9-month stretch, hopefully, mark free!

If you are going to get stretch marks you will be seeing them around month seven, so get moisturising from the get go. We have an amazing range from basq NYC that will see you right through your 9-month stretch, hopefully, mark free!


Rest and Relaxation

Rest and TLC are needed in a pretty large dose throughout your pregnancy journey, so if you have a partner or a friend that can massage your knees or toes – this will feel heavenly. Remember only a light pressure on the feet and ankles, and using a zingy mint will revitalise your soles. Keep your feet elevated when you can too… this will prevent swelling. As we head into summer and thing heat up, make sure you wear breathable fabrics like cotton – this will help you keep your cool.

Throughout pregnancy, your skin, nails and hair will look possibly the best it ever has, take advantage, have your hair blow dried, get your nails done, have a pedicure and feel good.


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