The Cost Of Quality Time

05 March 2019

With Mother’s day approaching, we got to thinking…

Every year we dash around at the last minute for a card, flowers or chocolates… but isn’t that a cop-out?  Let’s back up here and consider what the mothers in our lives really want.  Let’s remember the values that they instilled in us, the fundamental principles that gave us the foundation to shape who we are today. As Oprah Winfrey says, “Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother”; so we aren’t necessarily talking about your birth mother, this could be anyone in your life who has raised you, or whom you think of as a maternal figure.



It’s invisible, but we see it passing before our eyes.  How much time do we spend with the people we love, the people who nurtured us and who were there to catch us when we were down?  Remember when they were happy with a drawing of a few squiggly lines and some love hearts?  It isn’t what we give them, it’s the time we spend with them.

To quote Leo Christopher, “There’s only one thing more precious than our time, and that’s who we spend it on”.


The price we pay

No one can place a value on time, whether it be a chat over a coffee, dinner together or a day out.  That one-on-one time together to put the world to rights and enjoy the company of others.  The maternal figure in our lives will think of others before themselves. Let’s celebrate that.

Why not carve out some time with mum?  How about a pamper session at home, treating yourselves to a luxurious facial and a glass of bubbly in front of your favourite film? Or a night away with a great meal, some entertainment and Facetime (and we don’t mean on the phone).  Value your time with the people you love, and make the time to spend with them, because in the end that’s what counts, and not the size or the colours of the flowers you buy them on Mother’s Day.


At Weavers’

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