How Reiki Can Benefit Everyone

05 March 2019

Have you ever met a stranger that instantly makes you feel all warm and fluffy?  Someone who’s energy seems to envelop you, comfort you, and you even feel recharged by them?  Or perhaps a friend, family member or a colleague who puts you at ease?



A term often thrown around, we all have it, but who has a special kind of energy?  I speak from experience when I tell you that, not only do I have the pleasure of knowing many people with such a warm, reassuring energy, but when I am performing treatments myself my hands heat up like a hot water bottle as energy is exchanged.

For many therapists, we feel the exchange of energy through our hands, and I’m not the kind of person to beat on a tambourine and talk to fluffy pink unicorns; I consider myself a pretty grounded and straight-talking person! So what is this energy all about, and how can you get a piece of the ‘energy’ pie?



Our very own ‘Life force energy’ flows through us all, and when energy levels are low, our moods dip, minds overthink and this often leads to stress or illness.  When life throws us lemons, we maybe busy trying to make lemonade, but if we keep thinking about those lemons it all goes sour.  Changing our mind frame, harnessing the power of positivity along with following the law of attraction and some of us can get out of our funk… whilst others can’t escape how they are feeling.



There are people amongst us that are able to harness universal life energy and channel it through others.  This in simple terms is Reiki.  Using an ancient Japanese technique ‘Rei’ means the higher power and ‘Ki’ is the life force energy.  Put these two together and Reiki means ‘guided life force energy’.

Reiki is a very personal experience and different for everyone.  It shouldn’t be confused with a massage, and in fact many Reiki practitioners won’t even touch you and will work above the body.  Reiki promotes healing by activating the relaxation response, aiding the body to balance itself from within.  Reiki can ease pain, increase mobility, decrease stress, and both lift and balance your mood.

Reiki works with the body’s energy centres and these are called ‘chakras’ (please note this is not a cleanse cycle on your washing machine)!  Your Reiki therapist will channel universal energy (cue eye roll) and fill the energy to where you need it the most, along with removing any blockages, which may be causing you pain, or emotional difficulty.  Throughout the experience you may not feel a thing, you may feel warm in certain areas, you may see soft gentle colours, or you may fall asleep.  As I said, everyone’s experience is different.


Do you have to believe?

No!  Experience Reiki and see how you feel, is my advice.  It certainly isn’t for everyone, and if you decide to give it a whirl, I would suggest you are at least open-minded to the possibility that it could help you.  For those that have a more ‘spiritual side’ I can’t recommend Reiki enough.

At Weavers’ we have recently partnered with Julieanne Cresswell for meditation classes; Julieanne is also a transformational coach and a Reiki expert and is offering one-to-one meditation and Reiki healing at Weavers’ by appointment only.


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