The Benefits Of A Little ‘Spa’ Retail Therapy

05 March 2019

The feel-good factor

Sometimes we have a spring in our step and at other times we need a magic wand. The term ‘retail therapy’ speaks a lot of truth, and a little spending spree can get our positive vibes back in no time.  Generation X is now living by the mantra ‘Health is Wealth’, whereas the Millennials are the age of instant gratification, but with a greater understanding of both physical and mental health, so what has this all got to do with a spa?


If you need to restore, relax and revive

The spa is the place to go!  Working from the inside out to improve your wellness and release your everyday stresses.  Spa-ing shouldn’t stop at the spa’s front door, nor should you associate just a spa with relaxation.

For many, a day at the spa is a complete luxury, albeit for most perhaps a necessity, so why not get your ‘spa’ on at home?  The greatest investment you will make is you, yet many put themselves last.  Wait too long for a holiday, too long for a massage (on special occasions), but when you have such a plethora of aromatic oils, soaks and unctuous creams at your fingertips, why wait when you can give yourself a treat at home?

Shopping makes you happy, it makes you forget about your worries and gives you a sense of control.  In the name of retail therapy who wouldn’t want to shop to make yourself feel good?  When you shop ‘spa’, you are putting yourself first, doing something for yourself feels amazing.



Works on the mind as well as the body, as different essential oils trigger different emotions. A candle with a zesty citrus mix can boost your energy levels, try burning one at home when you are feeling low.  Stressed out with a racing mind?  Apply an oil packed with lavender, patchouli and geranium before a shower and breathe in the aroma in three deep breaths.  Dry flaky hands?  Try an organic skin-friendly balm, massage into your hands before you sleep.  Need a lift? Use a contouring mask packed with firming and hydrating wonder-ingredients… you just can’t help but feel better.

Making yourself a little evening ritual will undoubtedly bump up your ‘happy hormones’; giving back to yourself is absolutely OK, there is no need to feel guilty. We have reached full circle, and yet again nature always has the answers.  Go alternative, look for the natural remedies, rebuild your strength, your immunity, free your mind from its clutter, be good to yourself.


Weavers’ 360-degree approach to treatments

We want to understand you, why you are here, what you need and how we can help you.  We provide healing treatments, with a multitude of experience and a myriad of luscious products to make you feel whole again.  We always tell you what we have used, and often recommend what you can use at home because you simply just shouldn’t wait until you return to see us look after ‘you’!

No one wants to be sold to… we don’t do that.  What we do is hand pick all our products, because we have to love them first.  We have spent three years (and yes we turn three in March, we can’t believe it either) stocking some much-loved favourites.

Our spa boutique has become a destination for those who want to find something to make themselves feel good, from award-winning moisturisers, to bump maintenance for mamas to be, Himalayan salt lamps, Reiki charged crystals and gorgeous woollen blankets and throws to cosy up with on the sofa.  Your physical and emotional health is wealth, and you can click your fingers for some instant relaxation at home anytime – when you have the right ingredients.


At Weavers’ House Spa we stock Temple Spa, Jennifer Young, Spongelie, Mii Make up, Brow by Mii, Scentered, Wilkins and Sons, hand-picked Crystals, Rosi Skinfood, a selection of blankets and our very own tea.  Simply lush!


For more information, email us on, call us on 01787 246 246

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