How To Get A Handle On Anxiety, Before It Handles You

05 March 2019

Meet my anxiety!

There’s this knot that lives inside of me, right in the middle.  Sometimes I don’t even know it’s there, and other days it talks to me when I wake up in the morning. It questions me, delves in to my insecurities, and makes me paranoid.  It takes everything that potentially ‘could’ go wrong and runs wild with it.


When it began

Like so many, I have experienced anxiety since my late teens and I have learnt how to live with it, work through it and understand how to control it.  You could question how, when working in a spa it even exists, alas it does.  Turning anxiety into a tool of understanding is very important, as people visit a spa for a reason; to reduce stress, unwind from everyday life, for comfort, and to understand how you feel and provide an experience that ultimately leads to your relaxation, is indeed my job.


Understanding anxiety is key

Because when it hits your hands get clammy, breathing may quicken, shallow breaths maybe hard to control, and you feel you’re malfunctioning.  Your ability to deal with the normalities of life cease, and everything becomes harder.


The first step

Use your mind, and not let it use you.  This is a physical reaction to that hamster’s wheel in your mind, the sooner you understand that, the quicker you will start to feel better.  In the midst of feeling super anxious (which could happen at any time), change your thought pattern immediately, try to visualise a white flag blowing in the breeze.  Concentrate on your breath, breathe in deeply and slowly, exhale firmly, like you are breathing out your anxious thoughts.


Break the cycle

Change the frequency you are thinking on, much like changing the channel, your mind can be a blank canvas; if you’ll allow it.  Start off small, think of something you really enjoy doing, something that allows you to concentrate and free your mind.  This could be reading, baking or anything that takes your thoughts to a different place.  Exercise can be the best distraction and within 21 minutes of any exercise, I assure you will be feeling a whole lot more like yourself!


Time for tea…

Yes, it does make everything better as we pause, take a moment.  Camomile tea, contains compounds that actually bind to the same brain receptors as drugs like Valium.  Green Tea is rich in an amino acid called L-theanine, which research shows this can curb a rising heart rate and blood pressure, along with helping to reduce anxiety.


Break free

So, don’t let anxiety hold you, prisoner, let’s talk about it openly, I encourage anyone that lives with anxiety to talk about it and what works for you.  My lust for life doesn’t allow anxiety to visit me for long, allowing it to block out my sunshine isn’t an option, I’ve too much to give than to be taken over by the fear.


At Weavers’ we do ‘feelings’, in fact, we work with them all day long.  We love to make you feel amazing, ease your day, help you to restore your balance and provide comfort when you need it most.  It’s not just ‘a treatment’, it’s an experience.  Make Weavers’ your home, don on your fluffy white gown and let us look after you, restore your calm and ignite your zen. Our team of ‘spa-fessionals’ are trained to be sensitive to everyone’s needs, to recognise and provide just the right treatment for you.


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