Meet The Spa Guru...

05 March 2019

We took some time to get to know the Spa Guru and delve a little deeper asking the questions you’ve told us you want to know.

Who are you?

Wow, that’s a big question! I’m a therapist turned chief organiser at Weavers’ House Spa. I am the one responsible for your relaxation (the pressures on), along with maintaining all the attention to detail that Weavers’ brings. I’m passionate about pampering, love making people feel good with a pretty large dose of positivity and creativity.


How did you get there?

Once upon a therapist many years ago, someone decided that I was responsible and made me a Spa Manager. Having sailed the seas for four years and being rather impatient and head strong I couldn’t wait for my US visa to come through. So, I took a management role in Dubai (I had no idea where it was) just for a year. 13 years later I left my role of Group Spa Operations Director in my mission to breathe the fresh air of England.


Ta daaaa! Here I am and have been Head of Relaxation at Weavers’ since 6 months after opening in March 2015


What do you love most about your job?

100% the team I work with. Weavers’ works as a family, we are all crazy about providing the best experience for our clients and making each and every treatment stand out. I also do enjoy rolling up my sleeves from time to time and doing a massage, along with writing my blog.


What do your clients say about Weavers’?

Hands down the number one contender is… love the sorbet! Closely followed by the attention to detail. Our clients expect an amazing treatment, but they don’t expect the little treats along the way. We are treatment led, that won’t change, the quality and consistency are paramount, to our client’s relaxation.

Why did you choose to work in a spa?

I wanted to travel and focus on the well-being of others. So, from an early age, I was dead set on seeing the world whilst massaging people better. I love getting 1-1 time in a candlelit therapy room, the aromas, the music and the satisfaction of relaxing my clients.


Then I realised I could have a greater impact in management and training others, not only making a difference to more clients but working with the therapists to massage intrinsically with each client.


Over the last 20 years, I’ve had the pleasure of managing many therapists of which have gone on to manage some of the best spas in the World. Now, that’s job satisfaction!


What’s your ‘to go’ product and why?

That’s easy! Temple Spa’s Way to Go,  unless you have the right cleanser, you can forget about expensive moisturisers. This no-nonsense face wash is used daily in the shower and leaves my skin clean, balanced and clear! No skin routine of mine is ever complete without an exfoliator and my absolute favourite right now Is also from Temple Spa… Power Breakfast. This little power pot not only sloughs away the dry skin and reveals a glowing complexion, but it’s also a purifying mask. Just remember it doesn’t need to be laborious, it just needs to feel and smell fabulous with flawless results!


If you could have a massage anywhere in the world where would you go?

SensAsia Urban Spa in Dubai.  The therapists are south-east Asian, and massage is just a part of who they are. Exotic oils, a firm pressure and a touch that is simply sublime.


‘I hope you enjoy this little insight into me!’

Spa Guru x

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