Exploring The Role Of A Father

05 March 2019

With every other month holding a ‘special day’ to celebrate and cash-in, Father’s Day continues to stand strong (much like dads) since 1972. Yes, we have America to thank for this; Father’s Day was declared a national holiday by President Nixon and falls on the third Sunday of June.

Dads can be mystical creatures, and throughout the years they have transformed, softened and more frequently now share the parental role (some mothers may not agree to this)! There are many traits of which we take from our fathers, and more recently our paternal pals have switched up their know-how and have leapt into new territory. No matter what, a male influence in our upbringing is fundamentally important. This could simply be a male role model, that assists in creating a firm foundation and footing for life. Whilst us women wouldn’t like to admit that we necessarily need a man, I am sure you may agree that they bring something different to the party!

The traditional 2.4 family is a rarity these days, with many people choosing not to marry, or opting to do it alone, this has influenced how men father their children. Men are increasingly involved, with a heightened awareness and a new age attitude to match. So, what do we owe to our dads?


Fearlessness – Dads get it done!

They take care of things that we can’t fathom, and they have an uncanny way of looking at situations and working through them. They teach us we can achieve anything if we put our mind to it and be brave.

Challenges – Dads take it on and roll with it, until it’s fixed. They don’t give up, they work relentlessly (often moaning, with a few curse words for good measure) and work through a challenge with strength and endurance.

Analytical – Be prepared for a ‘dad talk’ – could last a while! Oh how they love to get logical, remove the fluff and get to task at hand. There are usually a few stories with lessons to learn. This is when dads are in their element.

Responsible – Taking control! Although dads can also be the fun-masters, chances are they firm up when it counts. Dads take responsibility and show us how to do the same.

Respect – Although both parents install this in us and respect must be earned, our fathers respect for women is crucial. This shapes how we think and how we treat others and will ultimately affect our future relationships.


Dad helps us to make sense of the world

He is great in a crisis, inject humour and fun (at the wrong times) and turn into a big kid when no one is looking! Once a dad, always a dad!

Instead of buying the old man some socks this Father’s Day, how about you introduce him to the wonderful world of relaxation, where he can relieve his stress and iron out the tension. Throughout June Weavers’ House Spa is celebrating fathers with our ‘Rock On’ 45-minute hot stone back massage for just £60; pay £10 more to upgrade and dad can enjoy a further two hours’ relaxation using the spa’s outdoor vitality pool in the courtyard garden, sauna and steam room.

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