Our Guru Writes A Letter To Her Younger Self

05 March 2019

A question I get asked…

If you could go back and do it all again, what would you change?  Mostly, I would say nothing, as I don’t believe there is any point in regrets; however, there are a few things that I would pay more attention to.

With a birthday looming, and the big four-Ohhh next year, I can’t help but spend some of my thought time reminiscing and making sure I get the next chapter of my life right.  Single at almost 39, happy and healthy is a great place to be, but not how I thought it would work out, so this is my advice to my younger self.


A present to myself – stop worrying!

Take everything less seriously and stop worrying. Worrying does nothing but ruin your present, so look at the big picture and be present… oh please be present!  Ask as many questions you can, to people you don’t know. Travel light, and spend time with the locals, as you’ll never truly know a country until you learn about it from the people that live there.  Don’t put off your holidays because of work, and don’t work such long hours because you’ll be too tired to work at your peak.

Look after yourself, and don’t wait for someone else to.  You are the mistress of your own destiny and the only person that can make you happy is in fact, you.  Happiness isn’t born from a high-flying career; you find it in the quieter reflective times with the people or places you love.  That ever-moving career goal isn’t saturated with satisfaction, it will just keep you pushing for more.  STOP. Look around and breathe. Drink in the beautiful views and lock the memories in for a rainy day.

Spend more time with your parents and your grandparents. Their stories will keep you wide-eyed and not be reaching for your phone.  Save, save some money.  I know it’s boring, but honestly trust me you need it when it’s time to grow up and buy your first house.



Drink more water and get outside more often!  Party a little less and get a hobby; learn to cook – if only you had learnt to bake earlier on in life you could be baking peoples wedding cakes by now!  Careless about what people think, and more about what really matters to you.  Be kind to your body, look after your skin, and take off your make up after a night out! Use an eye and neck cream, it’s the first place to age.  Lather on the sunscreen especially to the face – thank you for the pigmentation!

What matters is the incidentals, it’s not the big gestures, it’s more about the journey than the destination.  Life is all in the details- notice them, but don’t over think them.

I think my thirties have been my favourite decade, you know who you are by now!  I’ve made a vow to be kinder to myself, not work as hard, and to eat healthier.  I also walk further than I ever had, and travel whenever I can.  My new thing is to meditate, there you will find your very own Nirvana.  Breathe in a relaxing blend of aromatherapy, reset your mind and reach clarity in your thoughts.


Taking the time to be thankful

Pursuing a career that I love has led me all over the world, I’ve met the most wonderful people in a holistic setting, I am most fortunate and thankful.  A spa is truly a place for some ‘you time’ so the next time you are at Weavers’ in your fluffy white gown, curled up with your herbal tea and macaron perhaps consider scribbling a few notes in a letter to your younger self… it’s therapeutic, I promise!


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