The Reasons Why You ‘Knead’ A Massage

05 March 2019

Massage is considered a luxury to most, something to indulge in.  However, there are multiple health benefits that I feel need to be explored and stressed to everyone (in the most de stressing way of course)!


The Roots of it..

Massage is over 5000 years old.  This healing practice derived from customs and techniques alike, are rooted in ancient history.  As a highly regarded form of natural healing, massage promotes rehabilitation of injuries, relieves pain, prevents and cures illness, along with creating a relaxing state of being.

Working on the blood and lymphatic system, massage promotes healthy circulation in the body.  Eliminating toxins to the lymphatic nodes, cleansing the system of toxic build up.  Toxins are anything that the body has no use for.  These little free radicals cause multiple issues and affect the way our bodies work.


What about the knots?

Did you know that the knots we carry are due to repetitive movements causing us to strain and overwork our muscles?  Those little crackly crunches in your shoulders are due to a build-up of lactic and uric acid that crystalize onto your muscle fibres. As therapists we often note that one shoulder and one hip (usually the opposite one) are higher than the other.  When we carry our ‘Mary Poppins’ handbags, the weight actually can throw out your back, and cause you postural problems.

A massage every year I’m afraid isn’t going to cut the mustard!  If you consider the amount of time we spend abusing our super resilient bodies, an hour in a spa just isn’t going to iron out those kinks.  For many, back pain is something that you ‘just live with’.  What if I told you that you don’t have to?  What if I told you that by having a series of massage treatments, we can break down those knots, increase your mobility, reduce and even remove the constant pain associated with back pain?


We spend so much of our money on materialistic items, however how often do you truly invest in you?


‘You’ are the greatest investment you can make?

Let me put this to you; if you fail to look after ‘you’ who will?  Take charge of your stress, most diseases are due to dis-ease!  Yes, that’s right, stress, worry and neglect of looking after your wellness can cause an onset of illness.

Massage will increase the oxygen to your vital organs, assist in healing, flush out the toxins, reduce anxiety, balance out your emotions, relax the mind and body and more importantly reduce your aches and pains.  Surely this is critical maintenance and not indulgence?

Throughout August we are going ‘Coco-Nutty’!  Enjoy our bespoke massage for 90 minutes but pay for only 60 minutes!  De stress and rehydrate your summer skin with our Coco-Nutty Massage.  Your tropical infusion right where you ‘Knead it’.  Only valid with our Bespoke Coco-Nutty Massage, enjoy complimentary use of our outdoor Vitality Pool, Steam, Sauna and relaxation lounges.


So keep investing in the bank of ‘you’

Go Coco-Nutty– A 90-minute de-stressing, hydrating, coconutty bespoke massage for the price of 60 minutes only £76 with 2 complimentary hours use of our Vitality Pool, Steam and Sauna- only in August.

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